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I was considering doing a retrospective of the series starting with Volume 1 sometime in the future, but i thought it would be nice to post this as it's own thing.

This is the tale of a clumsy doctor's farewell to his gifted student and son )
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Sure, DC and Marvel have their Elseworlds and What-Ifs out the wazoo, but for my money, the little alt-universe omakes that Eiichiro Oda drew for the One Piece databooks beats them all.

Sure, they were all literally three pages long, but they were often funny as hell and cute as hell, and really, should we expect more from a comic?

... don't answer that.

Anyways, my favorite of those omakes is probably Jinginai Time (loose translation: "No Respect" Time). Why, you ask?

Because the only thing cooler than manga pirates is manga Mafia pirates.

There should probably be some Godfather joke here, but I don't know any. )
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To be honest, the Straw Hat Pirates almost got this one, by just a hair, but their two most recent members don't really do much for me, and I've started liking all of them a whole lot less since the timeskip. Besides, I've always liked villains better than heroes, anyway.

So let's put our hands together forrrrrr... Baroque Works!

Behind the cut: the kookiest collection of cutthroats you've ever seen! )
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The state of things in American superhero comics being what they are, I couldn't really find a dead character I wanted to revive without making my post look horribly dated. Death has been a revolving door at DC and Marvel since almost Day One, as it should be, and you never know who's gonna be pulled away from the River Styx next.

So let us journey eastward, where comics generally don't have to deal with things like "shared universes" or "characters too iconic to stay dead". In particular, to a world of endless oceans, sea monsters, and pirates of every shape and size.

There be spoilers ahead, Matey! Last chance to back out! )
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The final issue of Shonen Jump USA, April 2012, is now out. Thus the last monthly manga magazine in America passes away.

It's being replaced by Shonen Jump Alpha, a weekly online release at http://www.viz.com . Only available in North America at this time, alas.

As is appropriate for a final issue, it's a bit oversized.

four random pages from the issue )

Staying in the line-up for the new iteration are Bleach, One Piece and Naruto. Bleach looks like it's finally wrapping up though, so may need to be replaced within the year.

Dropped are Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (mercifully) and Psyren (which apparently had a sudden drop in popularity and has already ended in Japan.)

Replacing them are Bakuman, Toriko and Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan.

I'm saddened by not being able to get a manga magazine fix monthly any more, but let's face it, we all knew this day was coming.

Your thoughts and comments? Favorite Shonen Jump moments?

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Looking at the RPG version of My Little Pony reminded me of a D&D webcomic I'm reading currently.

This one, however, is based around the world of One Piece.


With all the craziness that that implies. )
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One Piece is not exactly the type of Manga where you expect to find recreational drug use, but there you have it, in this scene from OP 514:

Read more, and be amused ... )

Also, if I could get a modly opinion on something - what exactly is the policy on posting manga? Is it one third of the single chapters, or one third of a volume? This post is legal either way, but I was just thinking - there's a case to be made in favor of applying the one third rule to volumes, since most manga haven't ever been published in English as single issues. Also, some manga have chapters of wildly varying length - Hellsing, for instance, has chapters eight pages long, and chapters thirty-four pages long - making it difficult, if not impossible, to post anything cohesive from the shorter chapters while staying under one third of them.

Just food for thought. Sorry if that issue has been already settled, somewhere where I missed it.
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I thought I'd try to help get the comm up and buzzing again by recreating some of my old scans_daily posts. Not all of them, of course, just a few of the ones I thought were good fun. In no particular order, we begin with a brief scene from One Piece, introducing the assassin group Cipher Pol Nine, who served as the main adversaries of the Straw Hats through the Water Seven and Enies Lobby arcs. They are also cracky as all hell.

Eight medium and two large images behind the cut. Read right to left.

Read more... )


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