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Gosh, I've been so busy with the Mod stuff, that I forgot to post this as li'l ole me! But there's about 20 minutes left of the day in my time zone, so I'm sliding in under the wire!

Over the years I've like to present a little bit of fanart as a gift to the community, and in lieu of a Christmas card
Dashing through the snow, just got more dashing! )
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...and while I don't have any SK comics to post I do have a fun piece imagining what would happen if Daredevil encountered one of King's most beloved creations.

Art under the cut... )
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It's officially the first day of spring (or so my Google Doodle tells me) and that means it's officially the borthday of one Richard Grayson.

So that means, and also since it's a cold, wet Monday and could use some cheering up, it's time to post a few pieces of fanart of young Mr Grayson (though he is, of course, now technically in his late 70's)

NassoIb on DeviantArt

Pure, unapologetic aesthetic appreciation and objectification! :) )
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As you might imagine, a LOT talented artists were HUGE fans of both Princess Leia AND Carrie Fisher.

Courtesy of boredpanda's rapidly expanding list, some samples of web tributes that have popped up in the last 24 hours or so...

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Inkydandy is a talented artist who posts wonderful Batclan comics and pictures on Tumblr. Let them make your day a little better ^_^

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San Diego Comic Con may be over, and like most years there were a lot of really cool and unique cosplayers in coatume. Here are some images I've found that I hope you will enjoy (though not all of them are from Comic-Con)! If you know anyone in the photos or are actually one of the people here, feel free to introduce yourself.
I do not claim responsibility for any of the pictures under the cut - I don't know who any of these people are nor did I take their photographs. )
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...I figured some of you might get a kick out of this artist's pieces combining them with various cartoon-related characters (and others).

Art under the cut... )


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