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I haven't been here in so long! So long. But I've come back with some fun little fan comics made by the creator of the Manly Guys webcomic.

This is the good stuff. 

Just guys bein’ dudes. )

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Luciano Vecchio is an Argentian artist I follow on DeviantArt and Tumblr. Amongst other work, he's been the artist on some of the "Easy Reader" DCAU books which are very cute and my nieces have enjoyed.

Quoting from his entry on DA for these pages (which he kindly agreed to share)

Last week I read the anthology Love Is Love, published by DC Comics and IDW, an homage to the victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting.

I didn’t dare asking to participate when Marc Andreyko made an open call for creators. But after reading it, and seeing the DC characters there (which I didn’t expect), I kept thinking what would I have done, and I was inspired to do this short story. Couldn’t help myself actually.

It falls utterly and unashamedly under the category of fan fiction. My first ever.

So with that preamble in mind... )
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Inkydandy is a talented artist who posts wonderful Batclan comics and pictures on Tumblr. Let them make your day a little better ^_^

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Been too long since I posted anything, but I thought I should share this since the artist I commissioned recently finished it, and I an desperate to get some feed back on my writing/story telling skills.

Be warn, there are a few grammar errors, but what do you expect from a low budget fan-commissioned comic?
Fan comic under the cut )


Apr. 10th, 2016 05:03 pm
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If you're one of the two people who hasn't seen the new Star Wars film and was planning on it, this contains spoilers.

Comic under the cut )
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Warning: This comic contains major spoilers for 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens'.

Comic under the cut... )
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Here's another Snape fan-comic to remember Alan Rickman by.

Warning: spoilers for the last book.

Comic under the cut... )
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Alan Rickman was awesome. From Hans "Another orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he's John Wayne?" Gruber, to the (MacBeth-like) Sheriff of Nottingham "10:45. And bring a friend," to Colonel "The air is full of spices" Brandon, to Sir Alexander "Five curtain calls" Dane.
And despite it all, the "big revelation" about Severus Snape is a hard sell to some people.
Edit: Looks like I misjudged this. Some find this comic disrespectful, even though that was not my intent. Apologies, and 50 points from Starwolf.

Harry's more annoyed about what Neville went through )
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You probably won't get this unless you've read the fifth Harry Potter book. Warning for depiction of bullying.

Comic under the cut... )


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