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A big part of the thrill of this job is getting to write the best supporting cast in comics. I’m excited about writing Aunt May, and giving her a story where she’s really controlling her own destiny and showing us how Peter was raised by a hero in her own right. -- Nick Spencer

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It was hard for me to think of a 'favorite' retcon but I decided on Slott retconning the spider that bit Peter Parker biting someone else and giving us Silk. In part because there's barely any major Asian characters at Marvel so it's nice to see one in a fairly prominent role in the Spider-Family. And with Sony possibly giving her her own movie she will hopefully have more to do in the future.

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Remember when Squirrel Girl's title actually changed up Kraven's character, giving him a new lease on life and making him interesting again?

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Peter and Mary Jane have the "I know you're Spider-Man" talk in the middle of Central Park. There's nothing about how she found out. She talks about her parents and her sister.

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So, considering the passing of one of the greatest comics legends today, I thought we could do with some levity.

One of early Marvel's greatest and most enduring charms was that the creators themselves were more than just guys who would occasionally break the fourth wall to explain a plot point (miss you too, Mr. Kane), they were wild characters that were as entertaining to read about as the superheroes they wrote about. Here we have a three page story where Stan, John Buscema, and Larry Lieber try to create a story for Spider-Man.

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One thing that struck me looking at the history of Spider-Man comics is how many different kinds of stories you can tell with the character. He can bounce between genres and tones so easily, I want to take full advantage of that. So some months there will be laughs, some months there will be tears. In some stories the universe itself is in danger, in other stories Peter’s missing laundry is in danger. -- Nick Spencer

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I think one of the things that’s interesting about writing Spider-Man is it’s one of the first times I’ve written a character that’s self-consciously trying to be funny, and that makes the humor a little different. That means more and more of his jokes are the kind that you roll your eyes at a little... -- Nick Spencer

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Usually when a love interest is introduced, it’s very upfront, very direct. You can tell immediately these two are supposed to be together. What I love about the Peter and Mary Jane story is what a roller coaster it is. How it starts with the classic Aunt May bits, where she wants him to meet Anna Watson’s niece and then it builds to a friendship and really the relationship kind of forms out of tragedy and you learn more about Mary Jane and her life as it goes on. So it really is, I think, the most fully formed comic book romance that exists. -- Nick Spencer

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