Jun. 11th, 2018 09:57 am
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This was part of the Spider-Man and Power Pack issue produced with the National Committee for prevention of Child Abuse. It was free so I'm posting the story in its entirety.

Warning for sexual abuse.

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You know how we found out Mary Jane Watson's father was an abusive alcoholic in the 1980s? We learned Flash Thompson's father was an abusive alcoholic in the 1990s.


FLASHBACK was a "minus" Marvel event in 1997. Most of the books were set before the Fantastic Four's rocket flight. The Spider-Man books (except UNTOLD TALES) were set when Peter Parker was a little boy.

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This was a two-part story that ran across Amazing and Peter Parker. Both issues were double-sized. Howard Mackie wrote the first part with Paul Jenkins writing the conclusion. I've heard that Jenkins was primarily responsible for both at least in terms of outlining but haven't been able to confirm it.

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The Shocker is a Spider-Man villain that is somewhere in the high-B low-A area. Whenever he and Spider-Man fight, he always gives Spider-Man a hard time. Yet he never quite "hit the big time." I used to think that was because he had no connection to Peter Parker or Peter's friends.


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I recently read Gerry Conway's original "The Amazing Spider-Man" run (the one that killed off Gwen Stacy and had the original Clone Story-Arc) and... am I the only one that sees this?

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