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Ultimate Spider-Man was my first real experience with actually following a series. Prior to that my readership was generally once in a while grabbing a comic off the stands if the cover interested me. I started subscribing around the time #14 was out and continued religiously all the way until Ultimate End.

To this day the initial Bagley run is probably one of my favorite comic runs of all time. Going through my archives the old issues are still a lot of fun and more enjoyable than most of the stuff published today.

Don't have any specific moments that stand out as 'the best' but here is one of the funnier scenes from the book in #44.

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The Shocker is a Spider-Man villain that is somewhere in the high-B low-A area. Whenever he and Spider-Man fight, he always gives Spider-Man a hard time. Yet he never quite "hit the big time." I used to think that was because he had no connection to Peter Parker or Peter's friends.


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