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I'll be posting the three-part story about the Kingpin's conflict with Schemer, which is notable for introducing Vanessa and Richard Fisk, the Kingpin's family.
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When last we left Jessica Drew she had either accidentally killed her first love after leaving the high evolutionary, or awoken from an 11 year coma, and confronted by General Wyndam. Six of one half a dozen of another I guess. Now it is time to learn how she joined Hydra and found love with her fellow operative Jared.

2 Pages of Marvel Spotlight #32, 7 Pages, 2 panels of Origins #2.

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Last issue, we learned that Jack Norriss' mind is in Chondu's brain, which is in Kyle Richmond's body. Chondu's mind is in Bambi's brain and body. Kyle Richmond's mind is in his own brain, which is in a shallow dish. The other Defender's minds are in their own brains and bodies, but may not be right any more. The Headmen's HQ is in ruins, and Nebulon is back in town.

Which brings us up to The Defenders #34, five pages of seventeen (nrrgh) and dessert.

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Next time:. Chondu gets a makeover!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hi again!

Last issue, the Defenders learned whose brain was residing in Nighthawk's skull. Nighthawk recapped his origin, and the Defenders were knocked out by Ruby Tuesday.

Now, let's look at six pages of eighteen (and dessert) from "The Defenders" #33.

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Next time: Nebulon's plan to save the world!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hello again!

In the previous issue of The Defenders, we saw Kyle (Nighthawk) Richmond be captured by the Headmen, who transplanted the brain of Chondu the Mystic into his skull. Chondu infiltrated the Defenders, but tipped his hand too early, allowing him to be captured by our heroes.

Now, issue #32. Six pages of eighteen, plus dessert (and I mean that a bit more literally this time.)

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Next time--The return of Bambi!

Your thoughts and comments?
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Hi, folks!

Given recent Spider-Man events (if you haven't already heard, you may want to come back later) I decided you folks might like to see how this sort of plotline has been handled by Marvel in the past.

In specific, the "Nighthawk's Brain" arc in "The Defenders" starting in #67.

Six pages of eighteen, plus a dessert.

Subplots! Lots of subplots! )

Next time, more mind boggling madness!

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

Your thoughts and comments?
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For the theme week, something you probably didn't think you'd see....

3 pages of 13 from the story.

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Notably in a previous page, Aquaman points out that the desalinizer could have made Snark rich beyond the dreams of avarice, but he knows that the Professor will throw it away for relatively petty crime.

Your thoughts and comments?

Suggested tags
char: Aquaman/Arthur Curry
creator: Jim Mooney
publisher: DC Comics
series: One Perfect Moment Week
theme: animals
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We start with lesson one in "Why you shouldn't take menu advice from Wally West"


But that's not why we're here.

This is by the request of [personal profile] jelly_ace , from Flash Volume 2, #19 (in 1989)

The Flash's Rogues Gallery Gala )

Suggested tags; creator: william messner-loebs, creator: jim mooney, char: flash/kid flash/wally west, char: captain cold/leonard snart. char: doctor alchemy/alvin desmond, char: golden glider/lisa snart, char: captain boomerang/digger harkness, char: gentleman ghost/jim craddock, char: heat wave/mick rory, char: t.o. morrow/thomas oscar morrow, char: rainbow raider/roy g bivolo, char: trickster/james jesse, char: weather wizard/mark mardon, title: the flash,
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After hearing that this guy was a character from the old Godzilla comic, I had to look him up.


A smattering of images from the 30-page Godzilla #1, circa 1977.


Suggested tags: publisher: marvel comics, creator: doug moench, creator: herb trimpe, creator: jim mooney, title: godzilla, char: godzilla/gojira, char: nick fury, char: dum dum dugan, char: jimmy woo, char: dr. yuriko takiguchi
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We all know that Hal Jordan was chosen to become Green Lantern because the power ring found him to be most worthy of all the inhabitants of Earth. In this story from Action Comics Weekly, however, we meet the other ten individuals who the ring considered before settling on Jordan, including the one who was deemed worthier than Jordan and chosen ahead of him. (Guy Gardner and John Stewart were two of ten, obviously.)

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