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I found this two Iron Man panels on, in an article about how Stan Lee created Iron Man on a dare.

Tony has internal conflict. )
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Hi folks, let's go back to 1974 and the country of Vietnam. A country that had seen far too much war, and was about to see more.

"Wait," you say, "The Slasher? Who he?" He's also known as Buzzsaw and Razorblade, and this is his debut appearance. Six pages of eighteen in Avengers #130.

The Reality Problem! )

Interesting trivia: Bill Mantlo did the colors for this issue.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Here's another classic gem from Bill Mantlo's run in The Incredible Hulk, which saw Bruce Banner for the first time taking control of the Hulk's body and power. It was the start of a new age for the green goliath and has influenced every custodian of the character ever since.

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In the mid-eighties there was a long story in The Incredible Hulk called 'Crossroads:' in order to stop the Hulk's destructive rampage, Doctor Strange exiled the green goliath in a mystical realm where he could harm no one and, in principle, be harmed by no one. The second part didn't work out too well and the Hulk kept jumping from one bizarre world to another where he had lots of cool high fantasy and science fiction adventures. Of all the stories, there's one told in the annual #13 that is particularly dear to me:

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And now I take you back to the dim and distant past... well, 1983 at any rate, and no, I do not wish to know whether you were alive or not yet at that time... let's just say I was, and this was bought at the time... As we meet some new Spaceknights on a mission...

To Save a Spaceknight )
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The origins of this posting came about when I saw this image on e-bay

I thought that this was a lovely sketch-card of Aurora and Northstar by an artist named Sara Richard.

and wanted to see more of her work...

When I saw THESE images I knew I had a new artist to keep an eye on )

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For more, check out the tags, or go here for Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and part 6.

Let me explain--no, there is too much, let me sum up: The Wraiths, in an attempt to insinuate themselves more closely into ROM's life, presumably to stir up mischief later, replaced Steve Jackson and tried to get Brandy to marry the fake. ROM and the real Steve barely broke up the wedding in time, and now many of the people of Clairton, West Virginia, know the truth behind ROM and his mission to earth.
22 pages out of 66 and 3 covers out of 3 behind the cut )
Aaron "The Mad Whitaker" Bourque; I've got a twitter, now. I'm not proud.


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