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Peter and Mary Jane have the "I know you're Spider-Man" talk in the middle of Central Park. There's nothing about how she found out. She talks about her parents and her sister.

Mary Jane also has a guilt complex )
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I'm not particularly big on Marvel, but one of my pals on the Internet seems heads-over-heels about Silver Sable for some reason. As a birthday present for him, I've seen fit to post Sable's debut story here, an issue which he does not own.

Personally, I barely know who Sable is - the most I can gleam is that she's some kind of mercenary who was kind of a flash-in-the-pan hit during the '90s "bad girl" era - but this story went down smoothly enough. I'd certainly like to know more about her, if anyone has any recommendations...?

The OTHER big platinum blonde in Spidey's life, behind the cut! )
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Well Spider-Verse keeps on trucking on, and the overall attitude of grimdarkness seems to have even ensnared Spider-Girl in its web. However, there is still hope: she's appearing in Spider-Verse team-up, once more in the capable hands of Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz. As a result, I've decided to post my very first entry on s_d to share in the joy that is Spider-Girl. (I've endeavoured to keep it within the bounds of the rules, and I apologise in advance if I've inadvertently broken any or otherwise mess up).
Look out! Here comes the Spider-Girl! )Look Out! Here comes the Spider-Girl! )
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Hi folks!

MC2 (Marvel Comics 2) was Tom DeFalco's baby, spun off from an issue of "What If?" where Peter and Mary Jane's daughter May "Mayday" Parker inherited some of her father's powers and became Spider-Girl. It was meant to appeal to younger readers (but not children as such) by featuring old-school superheroics with newer characters.

(The same idea of attracting newer readers later gave us the Ultimate universe.)

The story took place in the modern day, but with the then-current events in the main Marvel Universe having taken place fifteen years before. Most of the older superheroes had retired or gone missing, so it was up to a new generation to save the world.

Seven pages of twenty-three, plus one from the preview of J2.

Second Coming! )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Marvel says that Thor villain Lorelei will appear on AGENTS OF SHIELD. Lorelei is Amora the Enchantress' sister and is even more of a... bad person than her sister.

Sisterly advice )
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From THOR #386. This is when the Rainbow Bridge had been shattered by Surtur during the Simonson run.

Dimensional axis and stuff )
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Tom DeFalco and Ron Frenz did a great run on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN. They made Spider-Man the "giant killer" of Marvel in the 1980s.
Despite that, this makes no sense whatsoever.

From AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #270, 1985. Spider-Man is not wearing the symbiote.

Wait, what? )
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I still have memories of how I got this comic. I was around five or six years old. My parents were vacationing at Wisconsin Dells. On the way back home given there was no such things yet called Game Boys or Walkman they bought me this comic to get my attention. Boy did it...

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Eight Pages of a Thirty Eight Page Story.
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Greetings True Believers!

I'm putting away my recently purchased Thor back-issues and I keep running into awesome Volstagg moments.

These ones came from Asgard's war against the Egyptian god Seth.


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One of the comments in yesterday's Shanna post mentioned the time she tried hooking up with Spider-man and he turned her down. It turns out I have that issue of Ka-zar the Savage, and the idea of seeing Peter being an emotionally mature adult about his relationships would be a nice change of pace.

One thing that stuck out about the Ka-zar series to me was that every issue featured a wraparound cover, had no ads (except for a few in house ads) and the inside cover pages featured photo comics of the Marvel staff.

two pages from Ka-Zar the Savage #22 )


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