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So, considering the passing of one of the greatest comics legends today, I thought we could do with some levity.

One of early Marvel's greatest and most enduring charms was that the creators themselves were more than just guys who would occasionally break the fourth wall to explain a plot point (miss you too, Mr. Kane), they were wild characters that were as entertaining to read about as the superheroes they wrote about. Here we have a three page story where Stan, John Buscema, and Larry Lieber try to create a story for Spider-Man.

Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 )
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As you may have heard legend Stan Lee recently passed away at the age of 95. Don’t know what else to say except this marks the end of an era.

One of his most famous moments...

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Marvel put out a TRUE BELIEVERS reprint of UNCANNY X-MEN #48. It is a Cyclops and Marvel Girl team up story. Also, Jean models bathing suits. Story by Stan Lee, script by Arnold Drake, and art by Don Heck and
Werner Roth.


Jeannie the Model )
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"That scar grows so large that it affects his entire brain, and Doctor Doom becomes the ultimate villain. He’ll do anything to anybody. Why? Because you haven’t got that scar! He has! And who do you think you are, not having a scar like that? And that’s the point of Doctor Doom. It’s a totally human viewpoint. It’s an inferiority complex." - Jack Kirby

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"Doom is the kind of guy who’ll come over to your house for tea, shake your hand, be very friendly, and at the same time his henchmen are kidnapping your mother in the kitchen, while he chats with you in your living room. He’s based on somebody I know, but I won’t say who." - Jack Kirby

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"Dr. Doom is paranoid. He thinks he’s ugly and he wants the whole world to be like him. Dr. Doom is the fox who had his tail cut off, and he’s trying to talk the whole world into having their tails cut off so when everyone has his tail cut off, he becomes the most handsome fox. That’s ridiculous, because paranoids are insane people who never get their way. Hitler tried it, you know." - Jack Kirby

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