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COMBO: Which characters are you looking most forward to playing "mad scientist" with, and which do you think have the most potential after the mini-series?

ALAN MOORE: I'm trying to make it so that they all do. I can see lots of possibilities for Youngblood and NewMen. I've got a way that they can work in the present day, with all the action that readers demand of these books, and still have all the imagination and story values that I think are important. By the time Judgment Day is finished, Youngblood’s going to be quite a different book. I can't say too much about it right now, but I should imagine it’ll be completely unrecognizable by the time I'm finished. The NewMen will have a different function. They will have a specific role in the universe. It won't be a case that the characters are changed drastically, that they become new characters; it will be more a case of what is learned about their backgrounds during Judgment Day that will suddenly give them new possibilities. They will be changes that make sense, and bring excitement to the titles.

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Alan Moore: "I was talking, while doing Supreme, to Extreme Editor Eric Stephenson about how, as it turned out, while telling the back history of Supreme, I was also filling in a lot of back areas of Extreme continuity. I was making them up as I was going along but filling them in, nonetheless. I suggested to Eric that, if Rob Liefeld wanted, I could pretty well overhaul the entire Extreme universe as I was going along.

Rob thought I should condense my ideas into a three-issue mini-series. The mini-series would help create a new Extreme universe by filling in previously unmentioned bits of its history. Rob was stuck on the title Judgment Day, but I wasn’t so sure, because it sounded like another apocalyptic story—and, in comic books these days, the apocalypse has become a trifle dull. The end of the world happens every couple of issues in one comic book or another. We decided to see if there were any other connotations we could investigate in terms of a Judgment Day story.

I thought that maybe a court trial might work, as it’s a tried and tested vehicle for a story. I thought I could use that device as a framework and that I could come up with a murder case that allowed for evidence to be called for which would fill in, in flashbacks, this panoramic story of the Extreme universe stretching back to the formation of the Earth. And that is basically what we’ve done. I’ve finished the story, and we’ve got it to all fit into the three issues, and we managed to compress this staggering sweep of history into about 96 pages."

Warning for Liefeld art.

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I had no idea this existed. Kirby, and Kane made a comic based on the pilot for the cult TV show 'the Prisoner.' It was never released, but now it will be.

I love that show, so colour me excited.


Be seeing you!
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"It is, therefore, not inconceivable that this planet was in fact Mogo, becoming a Green Lantern after meeting Hal. When asked about the origins of creating Mogo, and if the two character planets could be one and the same, artist Dave Gibbons stated that he was certainly aware of the 1963 story, but did not recall it being an influence back when he co-created Mogo with Alan Moore in May 1985 (GL V2 #188)." Green Lantern History: An Unauthorized Guide to DCU History by Darran Jordan

Tumblr insisted that pairing Hal Jordan and a planet like Mogo was ridiculous. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Challenge accepted.

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That it is, according to current DC lroe, the birthday of one Richard John Grayson, who is perhaps better known by at least a few other names; Robin, Nightwing, Batman, Agent 37, Hunk Wonder, Acrobatic Ace, Boy Hostage

Since he first appeared in 1940, that means that, for a man of 76, he's looking pretty spry IMHO.


And in this blast from the past well 1970's Detective Comics 402, with art by Gil Kane and Vince Colletta (no less) we see young Mr Grayson, during his now erased college days, ponder anew what it means to be Robin as he considers;

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In the previous issue, we were introduced to the new Red Guardian, Arthur Nagan was an asshole, Chondu got a makeover, and Valkyrie got arrested.

So now it's time for the final chapter of the Nighthawk's Brain saga, The Defenders #36.

Five pages of seventeen, and an ad.

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Your thoughts and comments, especially as this is the end of the post series?

Next time--something that isn't Seventies Marvel.
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In the previous issue, Nebulon unveiled his plan to help humanity through Celestial Mind Control, which manages to be even skeevier than it sounds. Valkyrie voiced her objections to strip-searching, and Chondu demonstrated that being in the body of a fawn doesn;t make him harmless.

So, five pages from seventeen of "The Defenders" #35, plus a Hostess ad.

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Next time: The conclusion of the Nighthawk's Brain plotline.

Your thoughts and comments?


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