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"Like so many players all over the world, I fell hard for Max and her story from the release of episode one, and every chapter brought more heartache, tears and emotional rollercoasters. One of the wonders of the series is that every player may have taken Max and Chloe on a unique journey, and so distilling their possible futures into one mini-series is a huge thing. Importantly, as with the game, it must always be remembered that what we're creating here is one possibility out of many." -- Emma Vieceli

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Today at 6:45pm in the UK and simulcast in the USA, we properly meet the new Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker.

So to celebrate, 12 of the 13 covers to be produced for the launch of Titan Comics 13th Doctor series. (as the 13th is a blank cover, I think it's fair to omit it)

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Its first arc wrapped up this May.

A hunter and their paleblooded charge were making their way out of Yharnam.

The child noticed something above them.

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I had no idea this existed. Kirby, and Kane made a comic based on the pilot for the cult TV show 'the Prisoner.' It was never released, but now it will be.

I love that show, so colour me excited.

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"Michael goes from being a bit of a douche-bag to the world’s biggest underdog. We didn’t want to shrink from his failings at the start of the story. He’s wrecked his marriage, rarely sees his son, drinks too much, lets his work colleague down. He’s Mr. Unreliable. You know those are all unlikable qualities. But then he gets his quest: get to Manhattan and rescue his son when the world around him has turned into a surreal war zone. And he alone has no powers. Suddenly he’s the hero and all the odds are stacked against him. Hopefully, that makes people root for him. And he grows as the story continues. He has an arc. He’s not the same guy by the end."

- Rob Williams

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"I’m big on theme being the controlling spine of a story. Here it’s ‘finding something extraordinary in the most ordinary person’, even if you can’t see that in your day to day surrounding. The title is something of a misnomer. Michael has to discover that he is far from ordinary. That plays into the narrative when it turns out that he being the sole human not affected by the plague means that he carries the cure somewhere inside him. But a lot of powerful people don’t want a cure, so suddenly Michael is hunted."

- Rob Williams

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"It came out of the raft of superhero movies and all the origin stories they tell. It struck me that they all had the same setup: ‘in an ordinary world one person becomes extraordinary.’ So the natural thing to do is to twist that: ‘in an extraordinary world, one person is ordinary.’ A plague gives everybody on the planet very disparate super powers, all apart from one guy. He’s the most ordinary man alive, and he was very ordinary in the first place. From there it’s a story about finding something extraordinary inside yourself."

- Rob Williams

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"I don’t see her as an anarchist, she’s apolitical. Anarchists reject hierarchy, and Tank Girl is very definitely the boss of her gang. She’s an outsider; Tank Girl, Booga, Jet Girl, Barney – they’re a gang of outlaws, they don’t interact with politics, they just do what the hell they want. I see Tank Girl as a Western, she has a frontier mentality, she pushes boundaries and makes her own laws and moral codes. I guess that could well reflect the current climate of disillusion and apathy with the political system, and that something new could form out of the chaos."

- Alan Martin

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Now we've got miniseries for Doctor's 9, 10, 11 and 12, it's time to go a little retro as Titan Comics are bringing out a minseries featuring perhaps the world's favourite Doctor, and definitely my favourite classic series companion.

This is the variant cover by Alice X. Zhang.

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