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I haven't been here in so long! So long. But I've come back with some fun little fan comics made by the creator of the Manly Guys webcomic.

This is the good stuff. 

Just guys bein’ dudes. )

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Everybody knows Mario. But as much as I like the little guy, Luigi has always been my favourite. So it was good to see BrawlInTheFamily give him some respect :)

It's nice to get a new start. Luigi takes a trip to Hyrule in order to prove himself on his own merits once and for all... )
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With the last Nintendo Power magazine having been releases earlier this year, much to the dismay and sadness to us oldschool gamers from back when the magazine was something coveted as the "Go To" source for video gaming back in the 1990's. With it came a comic featuring the more-or-less mascot of the magazine itself - Nester.

NESter was a teenaged gamer, who would often act as the promoter for new games, and would have game-based adventures. He became synonymous with the magazine, and even those without Nintendo Power magazine subscription most likely knew who Nester was.

Well, Nester grew up with us......

Thus Ends an Era..... )

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The Yonkers Devil is probably the non-intelligent foe who's given Robo the most trouble in the past.

So much trouble, that he's decided to hire a certain group of mercenaries to help him out in it's capture.

A certain group of mercenaries who wear RED.

The Professionals get things done behind cut )

Portal 2

May. 13th, 2012 01:45 pm
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Five days ago, the videogame Company Valve released free Portal 2 downloadable content titled "Perpetual Testing Initiative." Basically, it's a free in-game map editor, which allows players to create and share maps with other player.

Everybody knows the "the cake is a lie" meme, but not everybody knows where it's from. Well, the answer is Portal.

The new maps reminded me that I really, really, really love the Portal games. So I've decided it's about time I shared my love for them by posting some scans from the comic "Lab Rat."

I love the art in this comic. The main character suffers from schizophrenia, and the art reflects his state of mind: when he is off his medication, it's all sketchy, but in flashbacks the pictures are clear.

16 pages out of a free 27-pages comic. At the end of this post you can find the link to the full comic.

WARNING: Lab Rat takes place between Portal and Portal 2, and as such is full of spoilers for the first game.

Of course, Portal is a 5-year-old game, so you might say that anybody who wanted to play it already has. But I got it 5 months ago, so I think it's always best to put spoiler warnings :P

Meet Doug Rattmann, the most adorkable scientist ever! )
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Having already inflicted the characters of the videogame Team Fortress 2 on you nice folks once, I've decided to go ahead and do something even more terrible.

I'm going to inflict them on you again. MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Here are some pages from the latest 14-page-long comic, which can be read entirely here:

How do bloodthirsty psychopathic mercenaries celebrate the legally-defensible holiday Smissmas? Let's find out! )
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For Halloween the videogame Team Fortress 2 is having a special event, Scream Fortress, with new hats and a haunted map and new hats and a new boss and new hats and a new comic. Did I mention the hats?

Here are some pages from the 10-page-long comic, which can be read entirely here:

How do bloodthirsty psychopathic mercenaries celebrate Halloween? Let's find out! )
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Greetings True Believers!

The Batman Arkham games are big hit and here is another factoid.

Which hot-to-trot motion model is behind Harley Quinn's sexy moves?

Time to find out...


Read more... )
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You remember the Imposter arc that kicked off last August in Detective Comics, right?

Well, around that time, some people picked up on UK retailer listings indicating that one Gotham City Imposters was due for a January release, PS3/360/PC.

It's what leading me to wonder if today's announcement, courtesy of a presser from WB Interactive, is creatively linked in any way..

That announcement being Gotham City Imposters, the multiplayer FPS.. yes, that's right. An FPS in the Batman IP. )
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First the God of War, now the God of Thunder, the Odinson, Thor. With Marvel in full swing of Mjolnir, Thor is making his presence felt in the media.

Newsarama has the full trailer to the Thor video game (and Batman video game) and more behind the cut.

the good, the bad, the ugly )
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So, Captivate 2010.

US Okamiden (Okami, but on DS! and Chibiterasu!), Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Dead Rising 2 info...

And something that'll take us all for a ride. (With legality scan, don't worry.) )
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I'm pretty much sure that I'm not the only member of this comm that subscribes to City of Heroes/City of Villains, the MMORPG  that lets you create heroes and villains and pit them against each other or other foes. I'm also pretty sure that I'm not the only CoH player that subscribes to Francis Ray Ottoman's credo that, if you're gonna look at someone's butt for four-hundred-odd hours, it should be one that you like looking at. CoH is noted among MMORPGs for the high degree of customizability of characters at the onset of character creation, although certain pieces are either unlocked through performing missions or reaching a certain level or length of subscription, or by buying them either with the in-game currency or real money. This, of course, brings us to the subject at hand (phwoar!). What are some of the options for rolling yer own bootyliciousness? (I'm only showing the female options because that's my area of interest; otherwise-enclined s_d/CoH people may do their own post.)

Get some! )


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