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"High school can be hell for anyone, but it’s especially difficult for teenage girls spawned by the emissary of a Cthulhu god! Cthu-Louise struggles and is teased at school due to her monstrous appearance. Finally fed up with the bullying and abuse, she decides she will do anything to make herself 'normal.' It’s Carrie meets Call of  Cthulhu!" -- Dark Horse press release

Warning for child abuse

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Yep, there's that trademark Hanks villain scowl

An adventure starring one of the lesser-known recurring Hanks characters, Buzz Crandall of the Space Patrol.

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Hi folks!

I stopped doing posts of every new series from Shonen Jump because quite honestly many of the starters have been meh at best. But there have been a few nice surprises, and this is one of them.

Dr. Stone by Riichiro Inagaki & Boichi!

In the near future (Trump is still president of the U.S.), global humanity (and some birds) is petrified, turning into statues. A few millennia later, a couple of these people manage to free themselves from this stone state, and vow to restore humanity and civilization.

The art is nice, but what really makes the series stand out is Senku, the protagonist. He's a Science Hero who uses his encyclopedic knowledge of science facts and inventive mind to overcome obstacles.

Early on, he's a co-star of a more traditional shounen hero, the strong and faithful but not very bright Taiju. The series really took off after Senku was forced to part ways with his friend to avoid the deadly fanatic Tsukasa, a martial artist who wants the world to stay primitive.

Senku makes contact with the inhabitants of a primitive village, who are living at a Stone Age subsistence level. It appears that the village's shamaness, Ruri, has knowledge that Senku will need, but as an outsider, he can't enter, and she's suffering from a condition that makes her weak and unable to leave the village. Ever since, Senku has been trying to claw his way up the tech tree so he can make sulfa antibiotics to (he hopes) cure her illness.

We now join our hero in Chapter 25, published back in September, 7 pages of 22....

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