SeulS #4

Dec. 7th, 2018 11:16 pm
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Seuls vol. #4: The Red Cairns

Warning for more violence and more coarse language. And blood. Holy shit the blood! (No, not on the cover, it's only red paint, but... there's more inside.)

At the end of vol. #3, Saul mentioned he was the only one who remembered what happened and knew how everyone else vanished. Then Yvan started remembering too and now he thinks that on this fateful night, 12 pages out of 46 )
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(published sept. 2018)

Back cover blurb:
On a mission hunting bandits, Molly, Liam and their friends come across a monstrous creature: the Beast.
The village's council is worried: where does this monster born of dark magic come from? What threat does it pose for their village?
Hoping to get a clearer view of the problem, a delegation is sent to the Witches' Island. Molly and Liam will go with them, and get a chance to know Sarah, the young crow witch...

21 pages out of 66 )

Dun dun dun, another cliffhanger ending. For some reason, I was getting Princess Mononoke vibes from this album, between the Witches' Forest and their children looking a bit like forest spirits, the giant magical animal attacking the village and contaminating people it touched... I hope it won't take too long to get the next album!

SeulS #3

Nov. 25th, 2018 01:06 am
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Seuls vol.3, Clan of the Shark
Brace up, shit is getting real. The authors read Lord of the Flies and disagree that had there been girls on the Island with the boys, things would have turned up better. Here is their take on how kids left to themselves behave, regardless of gender.
I think it's one of my favourite albums in the series.


Warning for unsupervised children on the loose, crappy child rearing veering on abuse, blood, and... even worse.

15 1/3 pages out of 46 )

(The whole «themed amusement park» was cut from the movie, and Saul's backstory was totally changed, but his character was kept intact—in a jarring way. They also made good use of the burned down areas around the city, combining them with a different bit of worldbuilding in a creative way. But that's about it.)
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Zombillenium vol. #2, Human Ressources.
This storyline wasn't used for the movie, too complicated and too dark maybe, but so far it's my personal favourite one in the series.

Warning for swearing, off-screen violence against children, and a spoilery sort of body horror.

For some reason I can't seem to get to cover to load, which is a shame because it's so beautiful with its use of reflections; so instead here's the link to the publisher's page where you can see it full size:

14 pages out of 53 (if I'm counting right... they're not numbered) )

SeulS #2

Nov. 14th, 2018 09:59 pm
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For this album's title I'll go with «Blade Master».
Seuls is a series with a scenario. Each album is a self-contained episode, but everything progresses and you can't read them out of order or skip one or you'll miss bits.
I think this one might be the most violent album in the whole series, but as nothing is ever just filler here, you’ll need bits from it to fully understand what happens in the next ones, so I won't skip it.

Warning for violence between children, violence against children, unsupervised children behaving dangerously and swearing. They're no innocent sweet little angels!

14 1/3 pages out of 46 )
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Let’s get in the mood for Halloween!
This all started with a joke: if nothing in life is certain but death and taxes, would the undead have to pay taxes?

Welcome to Zombillenium, a monster-themed amusement park in the middle of nowhere in the Northern French countryside near the border with Belgium. Joke has it that it’s always raining here… truth is maybe not always but skies are very often overcast at least. The last coal mine closed down in 1990, countless factories followed suit in the next decades. Nowadays unemployment rate is 25%. And Zombillenium only hires the dead! or undead. Zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, and the likes, and of course humans are often the real monsters here.
cover + 10 pages out of 48 )
The series counts 3 volumes as for now, and has been on hold for a few years because the author was working on the movie adaptation,
yes because there is an animated movie too! )

And! one year later, volume #4 is scheduled for release by the end of November. Only three more weeks to go! and vol. #5 and 6 are planned for the next coming years too. A friend of mine has a subscription to the Journal de Spirou, has already read the prepublications and knows what happens and won’t spoil it for besides «oh yeah it’s getting pretty dark and it’s awesome».
I would have put more scans, but I know there’s an official English translation somewhere so once again, I thought it would be more accessible for the international community if someone could get it instead please?


Oct. 30th, 2018 11:24 pm
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Not to be confused with Y: the Last Man, Last Man Standing, Last Man on Earth or with a regular manga by the same name, LastMan is a one-of-a-kind hell of a series.
It sometimes get classified as a franga/french manga because of its format–-200 pages each volume, not chaptered, the first few pages in colour and the rest in black and white, pages smaller than classic albums, more the size of a deluxe manga... plus a use of tropes reminiscent of shounen manga.

I won’t post a lot of scans for this series, because an English translation exists but I don’t own it myself and I feel stupid scanning the original French and redoing all the work someone else already did. Wish I could get a copy to share...

tome 1

in the beginning was a comics series )

and then they made an amazing cartoon out of it )

If we get back to the comics series, right now it amounts to 10 volumes out of 12 planned, and #11 will be out just next week. The first 6 make up a first arc, the 6 next another after a ten-year time-skip. (Also, some spin-off one-shots were announced, one was issued early this year and... I thought it was terrible. I don't know how it sold, and what'll happen to whatever else was planned.)


Oct. 29th, 2018 08:59 pm
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Let's get in the mood for Halloween with one of my favourite series of the moment!
Too bad I'm banging my head on the translation. The title is the plural form of "alone" with the plural mark italicized so I'm tempted to adapt it as "all ALONE" but I don't think it's that good a title.

Seuls is a bande dessinée series written by Fabien Velhman (the guy who does the most recent Spirou albums) drawn by Bruno Gazotti (the guy who does SODA) and colorized by Cerise. First published in 2015 by Dupuis, prepublished in the Spirou magazine.
Fun fact: big bookstores usually have their BD department subset into mainstream bande dessinée, children's bande dessinée, graphic novels, US comics, and manga. This series? is the only one that's stored both in mainstream and children's. I've checked. Because it's aimed primarily at children but it's so mindblowing it has a huge adult readership too.

"In a country whose inhabitants mysteriously disappeared, five children have to learn how to fend for themselves. All ALONE."

14 pages out of 48 )

Thus ends vol. #1. What happened to the whole city? Will they really manage by themselves? What else still lurks around? Was any of Yvan's hypothesis correct? We'll have a whole series to find out!

I think there already are translations to German and Dutsch. A movie adaptation was released two years ago, which I've finally seen just yesterday and about which I'd rather not talk at all at the moment. As for the rest of the series and how it's Halloween-related... things are just begininng.
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(I know, I know: first reaction is probably, what the hell is this title?? it sounds so dorky, and it's even worse in the original French because "Bergères Guerrières" rhymes; can it actually be good? But look at the artwork, it's so cute~! (I don't know what you'll think but I for one get major Secret of Kells vibes from the graphics and I love it.))

It's a new children's series with a rather dark premise written by Jonathan Garnier and drawn by Amélie Fléchais, first published by Glénat in 2017. It's bordering on graphic novel format instead of regular album size which mean massive scans not always well cropped as it's a pain to fit in a scanner.

«Ten years are the men gone, forcibly drafted into the Great War. Ten years nobody have heard of them nor of the conflict... Women have since created the order of Warrior Shepherdesses, handpicked amongst the bravest to protect their village!
From all her ten years of age, Molly can finally start training and hope for—if she proves herself worth it—join the order. She can count on her goat Blackbeard and her friend Liam to help her out along the way!»
(I apologize if my translation is a bit clunky, I'll try my best but it might not be enough.)

13 pages out of 68 )

I have no idea whether international translations and releases might be planned or not, but rumours have it that the series is getting a cartoon adaptation: if that actually happens, subbing/dubbing should be easier? At least, I hope so!
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La Différence Invisible is a graphic novel written and drawn by Mademoiselle Caroline in collaboration with Julie Dachez about her life experience as a young woman with Asperger's Syndrome, oh and about France's backwards ways concerning autism diagnosis and management.
It was published by Delcourt Éditions in 2016.

When I first read it, I didn't like it much because it came into my life a bit too late and the protagonist's experience didn't resonate with mine... apart from this very beginning. The sensory overload teetering on meltdown territory felt spot-on to me. I remember thinking "This is Hell. No, wait, it's worse: this is reality. And it would still be my reality too without a diagnosis and coping strategies."

first 12 pages out of near 200 (I hope the scans aren't too big?) )

So... spookier than any Halloween horror story, this is scary because it's true? Nah, probably not. OK honestly I don't know who'll want to read this story, it's probably way too niche, but, uh, I still wanted to share it.
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"Paris, end of the 21st century. Inspector Romane Pennac is the only white woman in her station. The world has suffered devastating wars and ecological disasters, and the old powers of Europe and America are now the third world. Amidst it all, it is to this young woman, now a member of a discriminated-against minority, that a couple of devastated parents turn. A mysterious letter has just announced that the body of their daughter, recently deceased in New York, is missing from her coffin…"

- Europe Comics press release

Read more... )
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"Blake and Mortimer" is one of the most well-known Belgian comics series, created by Edgar P. Jacobs (1904-1987). The title is a bit of a misnomer due to phonetic issues - the titular character is, in fact, Philip Mortimer, a British scientist. He is aided by his "heterosexual life partner" (a common feature in Belgian comics at the time, and the inspiration for many a slash fanfic) capt. Francis Blake of the MI5. The book mixes detective and spy elements with fantastic concepts such as UFOs, time travel and Atlantis.

I was going to post my first contact with their books, "The Necklace Affair", but thought it best to start with the most famous story of all, "The Yellow 'M'" - the one with the most iconic cover of the series, copied by various comic book artists.

Verbosity ensues )

"Blake and Mortimer" were recently (wow, actually, about a decade ago or so) translated by Cinebook Ltd., a British company who specializes in Belgian and French comics, which gives an interesting twist to a comic set in Britain with two protagonists from Albion.


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