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Lucky Luke is a humorous European comic series which serves as both a parody and an homage to the Westerns. Created by Belgian cartoonist Maurice De Bevere ("Morris", 1923-2001) in 1946, it was published as serials in several magazines (Spirou, Tintin, Pilóte, etc). When René Goscinny of Asterix fame took over co-writing duties, it raised the magazine's overall quality of text and made it a hit.

In the stories, cowboy Lucky Luke usually acts as a bodyguard to someone who will serve as the conductive thread of the narrative. The gags and mishaps will follow on until the objective is fulfilled at the end of the story.

It also used plenty of historical figures in its stories, such as Hanging Judge Roy Bean in the following book.

11 pages out of 48, below )

Don Rosa also featured Judge Bean in a story of his own, "The Prisoner of White Agony Creek".
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I note, with a little embarrassment, that my OPM posts have been entirely US comic based (even if one was an English writer writing about a Scottish Mutant on a British superteam), so before things come to a close, one Continental moment, and if I can manage it later, a Japanese one.

2 pages out of 40 from Asterix the Legionary, one of my favourite Asterix books.

Obelix runs the emotional gamut in record time.. )
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Hello, scans_daily.

I have noticed there is a severe dearth of Asterix in this comm, which is kind of a shame, consider how classic it is. So, in an attempt to rectify the situation, here are some pages from one of my favorite comics, Asterix and the Normans.

These Normans are crazy! )

There are 14 pages (out of 44) behind the cut.

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