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The Herc comic was cut dreadfully short, but I really can't blame them; frankly, the thing was pretty crappy. Most of it wasn't worth the reading... but it did have a couple good points. For example:

2 pages of Hercules... Well, see for yourself. )
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In the last OPM week, I posted a couple of Moments dealing with Dick Grayson giving up being Robin (The first iteration of that event, not the one retconned in later when Jason 2.0 was introduced.)

We had Dick telling the Titans and then Dick telling Bruce and Jason

There was a third moment I always meant to post, but never got around to, so will correct that before this OPM is over.

Goodbye pixie boots and bare legs, hello disco collar and bare chest! )
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Okay, by his very existence, Alfred Pennyworth generates a pretty much permanent cloud of Awesome, but I do like this sequence from the Tomasi run of Nightwing...

Nightwing #148 )
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As much as I'm liking Miles Morales, I really miss (Ultimate) Peter Parker. He was probably one of Bendis' best characters.

There's so many great moments with him but one of my favorites is this hilarious scene in Ultimate Spider-Man #12.

Basically Peter has gone after the Kingpin after finding out that his uncle's murderer was once employed by him. The Kingpin finally confronts him at the conclusion of the story and we get the following exchange...

Scans under the cut... )
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At one point in 1999, Superman was on some sort of overprotective binge (I can't recall exactly why, some crisis or other he was guilt tripping over), and cameo-ing in every DC title they could cram him into...

This landed him smack bang in the middle of issue 2 of the new "Titans" comic, and as they were hardly up and running themselves, it was not the most comfortable meeting.

Something tells me that as this was an editorially mandated crossover and Devin Grayson making the best of it.

The politest 'Superman, just piss off' ever )
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Whom I miss very much. I mean, this side of Daken in particular. The one who knows Greek tragedies by heart, who taught himself to read Greek as a child, who enjoys making people think he's something he's not, then shocking them with what he is.

I just miss Dark Reign in general. )

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From Neil Gaiman's Sandman series comes a unique form of punishment that only the Lord Of Stories could envisage

(Warning, below the cut lies commentary on a plot that involved rape. I don't go into graphic detail or anything, but better to warn those that it might be a trigger for)

This is from Calliope )
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The Hulk is far and away my favorite literary character, and Incredible Hulk (volume 3) #103 is my favorite issue of his series.

Hulk #103 takes place near the end of the Planet Hulk storyline. The Hulk, exiled to an alien planet, has overthrown the tyrannical Red King and earned the rulership of a planet for himself. During this time, he made several friends, including Caiera the Oldstrong, who began as his enemy and eventually became one of his closest allies.

5 pages from Incredible Hulk #103.

And then they get married... )
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when going to battle the hordes of Faerie

Oddly enough considering my learned friend angelophile's post below, the same plotline was on my mind, but I prefer a single moment, rather than a crowning moment of awesome.

Don't pull ANYTHING from ANYTHING )
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A pet peeve of mine is the depiction of magic in popular media. Too often magic isn’t portrayed as, well, magical. Magic is a thing of shadows and dreams, of mystery and awe and drunken midnight dances; it’s not simply there, in an obvious and mechanistic way like X-men superpowers; simply throwing fireballs around isn’t very magical. (Compare e.g. the Lord of the Rings books to the movies.)

CLAMP is a creator-team who definitely Gets It. XxxHolic would be the obvious choice to show you guys, but for the One Perfect Moment week I'd like to draw one early example that stayed with me all these years (I hope it counts for the theme!). It’s from 1992’s Tokyo Babylon.

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