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CAPTAIN AMERICA (Vol. 3) #19. For a while, during Mark Waid's run, Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter had a complex relationship in the comic books.


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"One of the things we talked about last year when we were first announcing this book was that this was on my dream list of stories I always wanted to do. I’ve done smaller versions of them, but I always wanted to do one with the biggest, baddest villain who’s dug the biggest hole of anyone in the world. Let’s see them dig out. That’s what I wanted to write." - Brian Michael Bendis

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In some ways the 'Doctor Octopus' arc could be viewed as an example of Bendis's 'decompressed' storytelling given that it ran for seven issues, Spidey and Ock don't even meet until four issues in and the story is a bit cluttered with subplots involving Justin Hammer and Kraven. Still, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

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Hi folks!

Captain America has fought many enemies over the years, and a surprising number of them have also been "Captain America." These twisted reflections of our hero represent America's fear that we aren't who we want to be, the best of the America spirit. Instead, they are distorted by hatred and greed, the America we do not want to be.

This is the story of one such man, Fifties Cap. This story is from Captain America #155 in 1972; six pages of twenty.

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Your thoughts and comments?

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Well, it's been a while.  I could say I'd been doing something productive the last few months instead of posting here, but that would be mostly inaccurate.  Anyhoo, four scans apiece from Captain America #618, by Ed Brubaker, Butch Guice, and Chris Samnee, and Wolverine #9, by Jason Aaron and Daniel Acuna.

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[Yes I know, I'm a day behind. I just spent the weekend at FanExpo with [personal profile] mad so you'll have to forgive me and my tardiness. FUCK YEAH ED BRUBAKER!]

Right now, my favourite comics writer is Ed Brubaker. (This might change tomorrow. I'm indecisive like that).

Brubaker's been tapped to do a surprising amount of reinvention work for the big two. He brought back Bucky Barnes as the Winter Solider, and killed Steve Rogers to explore his absence. He helped give Selina Kyle new direction back at the start of Catwoman volume two. He collaborated with Matt Fraction to revitalize Iron Fist.

These are all great series that play to his strengths as a writer: noir and 'street level' stories. His less successful big two books (*cough* X-Men *cough*) see him trying to write more traditional superhero stories. What Bru excels at: themes of betrayal, rediscovery and redemption; tight plotting, reveals, character work, brutal action sequences.

You can see him at his best in Criminal, Incognito, and Sleeper. (Or so I'm told. Haven't yet read Sleeper myself). Criminal and Incognito pair him with Sean Phillips, and imho these two were made for each other. These books are seamless - Phillps' gorgeously muddy pencils are the perfect compliment to Brubaker's harboiled neo-noir (Criminal), and his noir-pulp identity porn mashups (Incognito). I kind of want them to work together forever and ever, amen.

His work with Steve Epting on Captain America, and Darwyn Cooke and Mike Allerd on Catwoman, is also good, and whoever put together these creative teams deserves a hug. Because shit son, this is comics: just words and pictures, working towards the same storytelling goal.

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4 pages from Secret Avengers #1 by Brubaker and Deodato.

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