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Spider-Verse gave me feeeeeelings this week, so here's another spider-crossover that gave me feeeeeelings: Superior Spider-Man vs. Scarlet Spider!

Superior Spider-Man, meet Kaine, the former supervillain who killed you that one time. Scarlet Spider, meet Otto Octavius, the former supervillain who stole your clone-brother's body/identity.

Sibling Rivalry

This will not end well.

[1 page from Amazing Spider-Man #673, 7 pages from Superior Spider-Man Team-Up #2, 7 pages from Scarlet Spider #20]
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The Herc comic was cut dreadfully short, but I really can't blame them; frankly, the thing was pretty crappy. Most of it wasn't worth the reading... but it did have a couple good points. For example:

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Ever since "One More Day," it seems like Marvel has done everything they can to diminish Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson as a couple, and not just in ret-conning their previous marital status and giving Peter various other love interests to pursue. But then along comes the finale to "Spider-Island" to suddenly remind us why fans loved these two as a couple in the first place.

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ComicBookResources finally has the fight we've been waiting for. Mary "Tiger balm" Jane with spider powers vs. Carlie "Housewrecker" Cooper man-spider.

Or something like it.

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People in New York are being bit and waking up with Spider-powers. Not all of them Spider-man powers, but spider related.

We get a LOT of the players who will be involved in this story.

And we get hints at the henchmen, and a teaser about the Big Bad for Spider Island event.

And while I fan-hate Carlie, I can't help but wonder where this is going.

I will follow this.

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CosmicBookNews has the previews for the upcoming event: Spider-Island, as it has begun to unfold. #666 and #667 are at the website, with mild spoilers, but the writing team at Marvel dares scratch a still festering wound.

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CosmicBookNews has the solicits of the September titles, and practically all of them are going full throttle.

(Did they know about DC's re-NU-ing itself? Because it looks like they are working HARD to make sure they can compete).

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Ok, it took me a while to figure out what exactly I was seeing, but now that I do. Wow.
ComicBookResources.com has the interview with editor Seve Wacker.

there is more interview content behind the cut but this...

... this needed to be posted to behold poetry in motion.

While the marriage may not be back (yet), I am proud to say the Amazing part has.

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