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Well, I've only realised that the start of week 4 of the Christmas Theme-a-palooza never went up, which is slightly embarassing, and leaves only (technically) two days for posting, but we're not going to be tyrannical about this.

So the final theme is; HIGHLIGHTS OF 2017

What comics and stories were the ones that most impressed you this year? Best storytelling? Best character moment?

Please share your favourites!
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Now I somehow managed to forget to post my own "First memory" comic for the second week, so that will have to come later, once I unearth the cave paintings I was thinking of.

In the meantime, many thanks to those who shared their first times with us.

And so we move on to week 3; Family moments.

This is the festive season, where many of us spend time with our families (for good or, let's be honest, for ill).

Comics have a LOT of families, as it's a good story hook to build into your concept, and they come, as they should, in all shapes and sizes.

There's are families like the Fantastic Four (Where three of the four are related by blood or marriage)

The many varied family members of the Flash Dynasty...

The sprawling ongoing adoption agency which is the Batfamily.

The Superman/Lois/Superboy setup (and various interpretations thereof)

The weirdly interconnected Inhuman Royal Family...

The self created families (like the Titans sometimes say they are, which I never quite buy) or the X-Men (which I so sort of buy)

The Beagles Boys would certainly qualify of course...

And don't get me started on the complexities of the Summers family (Less genealogy, more of a temporal mechanics exercise), or the Lensher/Maximoff/Dane/Heavens knows clan....

I promise I WILL post for this one, but please post and share some of your favourite family moments.
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Ultimate Spider-Man was my first real experience with actually following a series. Prior to that my readership was generally once in a while grabbing a comic off the stands if the cover interested me. I started subscribing around the time #14 was out and continued religiously all the way until Ultimate End.

To this day the initial Bagley run is probably one of my favorite comic runs of all time. Going through my archives the old issues are still a lot of fun and more enjoyable than most of the stuff published today.

Don't have any specific moments that stand out as 'the best' but here is one of the funnier scenes from the book in #44.

Where's your costume? )
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I can't remember my first comic, nor even the one that really got me intrigued. I remember being a little kid, and not quite getting the difference between Marvel and DC, being disappointed when an environmental Imax film starring Marvel Superheroes (it was the Watcher talking about the effect of pollution) didn't have Superman.

I either got my comics at the convenience store, or the flea market, the latter was usually on trips with my Grandma. So I read a lot of older comics I got there or in grab bags that mainstream retail stores used to clear out old product.

I tended to like older comics, because I gravitated towards comics about women (though I was nowhere near consciously aware that I was trans), and there wasn't a lot on the shelf that did that for me (other than GI Joe as an ensemble comic with lots of awesome women).

One of the finds that I first remember amazing me at the flea market was a reprint of Supergirl's first appearance.

I mean just how awesome was that? Superman was the most powerful, the best, and here was a girl who was just as good!

So let's take a look at that

the Maid of Might is here )

Though I didn't have much more exposure to the character outside of this and the movie (which I love even if it is silly) until she appeared at the end of PAD's run in my teens, a life long love affair was struck with Kara.

I find her relationship to Krypton and Earth to be more compelling and interesting than Superman's in a way. And now that I have them collected I find a lot of her early Silver Age stuff, and her Bronze Age appearances really compelling as well. There hasn't been a Supergirl title(Kara, Matrix, or PAD's Linda) since the Death of Superman that I haven't at least tried to follow.


Now onto GI Joe. I can't remember if I was exposed to the cartoon or the comics first. My Cartoon experience was through VHS rentals which were cherry picked 'good ones,' (I had a much higher opinion of the caliber of both it and Sunbow's Transformers than was warranted... I actually saw Jem on TV so I knew that was good at least). If it was the show I was drawn in by the high stakes action, and commanding (literally the first two minis both show women giving orders especially when Duke gets kidnapped in both) female characters scene in the mini-series. The politics of certain writers on the show did not jive with me though.

If it was the comics... well though I probably didn't understand the politics of the comic at the time, everything I read just seemed right and just to me. I read a lot of Larry Hama without realizing it (never paid attention to who made these things as a kid), and I have to say his politics influenced me a lot more than my family's. (so this next set of scans doesn't even have any women, but it as a flea market find that really stood out to me).

Support our troops, but not the industrial-military complex )

So apparently at a party Art Spiegelman accused Larry of being a fascist for writing GI Joe. To which Larry asked if Art had even read it. Art said that he, "didn't need to read it to know it was fascist."
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Good evening to all you guys, gals and non-binary pals (To borrow a charming turn of phrase from Thomas Sanders)

Thanks to all who suggested titles to recommend as seasonal gifts!

We now move on to Week 2 of the festive Edition - Your First Time

No, not THAT sort of First Time, we're not that sort of a community (though I imagine there are some stories to tell), but what comic or story first drew you into comics?

It doesn't even need to be first one you actively read, just the first one to make you think "I want to read more like this"?

If you can share the scans and tell us WHY it hooked you.
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Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art (HarperCollins, 1993) makes a great gift for connoisseurs of media, such as literature or film, who are also interested in the theory or technique behind them. Some such connoisseurs may be unaware or skeptical that comics too are an art form, and that studying the theory and technique behind them can help us appreciate them even more. What's more, this book uses the comics medium itself to analyze comics.

It's not just for those new to comics, of course. Understanding Comics also is a great gift for aspiring comic creators, for whom McCloud has also written a practical, nitty-gritty guide (also in sequential-art form), Making Comics.

Note: This book is free of postmodernist jargon )
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If I had to recommend a comic to someone who doesn't read them it would have to be Locke & Key. I've posted it a few times here but for those who don't know it's a horror/fantasy series about a family who inherits an old house home to keys that unlock more than doors. It's written by Joe Hill; Hill is Stephen King's son and a novelist in his own right but I think his strength is in comics. I've mostly given up physical comics for digital but the exception is anything by Hill.

The entire series is currently available in a variety of different formats and trade editions. It's also going to be made into a series from Hulu from the director of the new version of 'It'.

Here's a small selection from #1.

Scans under the cut... )
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Ahem, sorry this is a day late, but real world distractions happen, even to your Mighty Mod Team (Hard to believe I know, but there you are)

We are now into December, a month which hosts a number of holidays; Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanza, among others I am sure.

Traditionally we have an event over this period, and this year is no different. We also note that we haven't had too many theme weeks this year, and that's a shame, so we're going to combine those ideas and have more than one Theme Week to cover the month...

Week 1 - Gifts recommendations

Whilst we're still within the gitt ordering window, what story/title would you suggest getting for someone who has never been into comics before? Or what would you give a young person you'd want to get started in comics?

Week 2 - Your first comic

What comic or story first drew you into comics? It doesn't even need to be first one you read, just the first one to make you think "I want to read more like this"?

Week 3 - Favourite family moments in comics

A LOT of comics have families, born and/or chosen, at their core. What ones appeal to you most?

Week 4 - Comics of the year

Your favourite stories of the last 12 months.

So let's start Week 1!


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Well, 31 Days of Scans was our first themed month in quite some time, and I feel confident in proclaiming it a great success!

I know I speak for my esteemed Co-Mods, when I express our sincere gratitude to all those who made posts and/or commented.

We had well over 70 posts made (And I'm not even including our 31 "Main Post" entries in that number) and many, many comments and discussions, and that was over a time period that is usually full of distractions.

We hope that you all enjoyed it, and a Happy New Year to all!
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Yeah, I'm gonna get nailed to the wall for this, but this shouldn't really surprise anyone who has long-term familiarity with my posts. Granted, I'm talking about the late 80s-90s period as a whole instead of just the Image-infused years that everyone instantly thinks of when "Dark Age" is brought up, but there doesn't seem to be any other popular name for the Age as a whole. Heck, some people think that it hasn't really ended yet!

A darkness rising, behind the cut. )
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This one's easy for me, because I will just always love the Bronze Age. Other ages have their advantages over this one, but when I think of comics this is always what I think of first.

I was trying to think of how to explain exactly why this is the age I always want to spend time in, but realized that if a picture is worth a thousand words, this one is my thesis on why nothing beats Bronze Age, where you dress like this to mingle:

Leaguers on the Loose
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At the cost of being both predictable and cheating the theme a bit, I'm going to go with a piece that already has my five picks banded together. Granted, the artist probably didn't think of them as a team when he drew it, but the idea popped into my head as soon as I first saw the piece, and now it won't leave.

You probably know what inmates will be behind the cut. Can you guess which? )


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