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Technically, it's a Gabriel Rodriguez sale but the main selling point is the entire series of 'Locke & Key' for 99 cents an issue. The sale is available here. I've sang its praises here numerous times but it's still in my opinion of the best modern comics series around.

Here is the most recent issue, 'Small World', which I posted here way back in January.

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As stated in an earlier post, Joe Hill had written some scripts for a reboot of 'Tales from the Darkside'. The show never came to be but the planned episodes were later reworked into comic format for IDW. This was the last issue but functions as a stand-alone story.

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Joe Hill (of Locke & Key) was set to do a new reboot of 'Tales from the Darkside' for the CW but it wasn't picked up by the network. He's now adapting a few of his scripts in comic form with Gabriel Rodriguez for IDW.

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Something I thought that might be of interest is Audible has released a full-cast (over fifty actors/actresses) dramatization of Locke & Key. It's free for the entire month of October and can be downloaded here.

As far as I can tell (it's over thirteen hours long) it covers the entire series.

For those not familiar with the series it's sort of hard to explain without spoilers but here's a tease... a family inherits an old mansion where certain keys can unlock doors and, well... here's a small selection from #1.

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But the other half thinks it's gorgeous!

We've seen some odd sequels over the past few years, perhaps most notably someone else writing "Peanuts" comics, but even that pales next to the chutzpah it takes to relaunch the classic, groundbreaking, 114 year old. "Little Nemo in Slumberland"

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So we're on the antepenultimate issue of Locke & Key and things are heading towards a close.


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Also for those who don't know, the author (Joe Hill) just came out with a new novel called NOS4A2. It's worth checking out IMO if you're a fan of his comics.
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So this probably won't make much sense if you haven't read the comics and it could count as a spoiler, so I highly suggest you're caught up before clicking. The series is ending in three issues.

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has the preview of the Omega arc, as everything that has gone on has come to a head.

I know it sounds cliche, but one word really does best describe the things that have now been set in motion.

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Time to post some scans of one of the best comics out there at the moment. I just finished reading Clockworks and I'm anxious for the final mini-series. It's been a great ride, I love the characters and I'm sad the end is already so close.

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ComicBookResources has has the preview for the continuing story of the Locke kids and their interaction with the supernatural, as the Keys of the Kingdom trade paperback wil be released soon.

A moment of levity (and a nod) to other inspirational work before the darkness rushes in.

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I was inspired by this morning's wordless art, and decided to post some wonders I myself found over the weekend.

Most of the time we're jaded by what we see, and seldom do we get pure moments of wonder. I'm thankful for the art from this morning, and I hope you can appreciate this, too.

"Come with me my friends, and let us dream together." - Georges Melies, Hugo, the film.

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So huge, huge spoilers here. I would really recommend that you stay away unless you've already read the issue. The series is almost over (13 issues to go) and the shit is starting to hit the fan. If you haven't caught up, go do so now. Most of the series is out in book form.

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