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So Robin is 75 years old this year, having debuted in Detective Comics #38, dated April 1940

That means it would have been on the shelves in Feb/March. According to current continuity, Dick's birthday is "the first day of Spring", which would be 20th March, but he's had a few other dates cited as his DOB over the years, so this seems close enough... ish.

So let's celebrate!

And how better than with a costume party?! )
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And whilst I was pleased to hear that Franco and Baltazar are producing a new series "Superman Family Adventures", I've also just found out that the reason they have the free time to do so is the end of "Tiny Titans" which will end with issue 50 in March 2012.

Adieu Tiny Titans... )
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Full preview here: http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2011/10/10/we%e2%80%99re-having-a-batgirl-party/

Coach Lobo has a very secretive team but the Batgirl's have their own secret weapon as well.

The cute. MY HEART. )

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Firstly, a happy Easter to those of the Christian persuasion! (To those of the non-Christian persuasion, or no persuasion at all... a happy Sunday in any event!)

In the earlier posts, we've seen an unhappy incident cause chromatic chaos in our kiddie cohort. (Somewhere, Stan Lee just broke into a smile, though he may not know why)

But like any Batclan member, Robin has a plan! )
And for no reason at all, from the pre-credits sequence of the latest "Batman: Brave and the Bold"

Some barely dressed... or dressed barely... Dynamic Duo )


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