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Superman Family Adventures continues to dazzle with it's sheer demented awesomeness!

In issue 9, a long awaited villain team up takes place, and a surprising new mineral makes an appearance...

Meet the SFA Luthor Brainiac team! )
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Superman Family Adventures #1 hit the stands today. Now the first few pages of this #1 appeared in DC's "Free Comic Book Day", so I'm not counting that towards "Pages posted already", it was in a different comic, and one that DC freely distributed.

Jimmy shows he has what it takes and a new superhero origin occurs! )
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And whilst I was pleased to hear that Franco and Baltazar are producing a new series "Superman Family Adventures", I've also just found out that the reason they have the free time to do so is the end of "Tiny Titans" which will end with issue 50 in March 2012.

Adieu Tiny Titans... )
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Full preview here: http://dcu.blog.dccomics.com/2011/10/10/we%e2%80%99re-having-a-batgirl-party/

Coach Lobo has a very secretive team but the Batgirl's have their own secret weapon as well.

The cute. MY HEART. )

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I'm still lingering from the effects of being at C2E2 and wondering what the heck to do with all this art? Other than of course posting it (save for two).

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