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I'm starting college again Monday, so will likely have less time to spend on Scans Daily. Therefore, now is the time to make an extra-large post.Given my own proclivities, I'm sure you're not surprised it's a Superman comic. To be precise, Action Comics #500.

We'll have a glorious 21 pages of a 64 page story, a time capsule of what Superman was like in 1979.

The Life Story of Superman )

Your thoughts and comments?
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Superman Family Adventures #1 hit the stands today. Now the first few pages of this #1 appeared in DC's "Free Comic Book Day", so I'm not counting that towards "Pages posted already", it was in a different comic, and one that DC freely distributed.

Jimmy shows he has what it takes and a new superhero origin occurs! )
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I have been meaning to post this after I got it in the mail, but things kept getting in the way. But now that I tottalled my car and now I have to spend MORE time filling job applications before actually getting a 2nd part time job if not a full time job to cover the costs as well as a new car, I thought to take some initiative with the stuff I have been putting off while I can and enjoy it before I end up being overwhelmed in the rat races...

So I purpose this question: Whats more awesome than Superman vs. Zod and his followers?

3 pages and cover under the cut )
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The latest issue of SUPERMAN is set during the post-Infinite Crisis period when Superboy (Conner Kent) was dead. (In fact, that's when it was originally written, five years ago, but for reasons they never revealed, DC canned the issue despite it being fully scripted and penciled already.)

Four pages from SUPERMAN 712... )
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Greetings True Believers!

One of the longest running internet gags is motivational posters and using them with your favorite characters, series, genres or just for the lulz!

I have a collection of some of my favorite comic book related ones and I thought I'd share.

Also, post your own! It will be ever so fun.

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