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OK gang, here's the skinny: one of my favourite webcomics (and, arguably, one of the greatest in existence) is in trouble. Chris Hastings of The Adventures of Dr McNinja has found that he owes his webhost $1400 due to an unfortunate computing error, and he's relying on his beloved readers to help him out. If he can't make that payment by Friday, the website is shut down.

As I said: Dr. McNinja is one of my favourite webcomics, it's in the middle of a really interesting storyline and it doesn't deserve to end this way. Go directly to the site and you'll find a PayPal button in his blog-post on the subject. Every little bit helps.

Plus, because Chris is such a great guy, he's offered this great cast wallpaper as an incentive - FREE.

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HAPPY!, Grant Morrison and Darick Robertson's new Image Comics project, debuted this week.

One's a grim 'n' gritty hitman scumbag, the other's... not.

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I am feeling neither cute nor romantic this week. Hence this offering of 2.3 pages from Transmetropolitan #6: text by Warren Ellis, art by Darick Robertson. Some NSFW language.

This is the "religion" issue, which explains why Spider is wearing his idea of prophetic garb. He and his filthy assistant Channon are on their way to do the journalism thing at a religious gathering. Channon mentions her boyfriend, and Spider comes back with "Ziang doesn't love you even a bit, and will vanish out of your life the very second he gets bored."

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I'll be honest. My interest in this title has been waning lately ever since the fallout between Hughie and Butcher. But based on this issue's involvement with Vought American, I think Garth Ennis is about to bring things to a head. Which, if you ask me, has been a long time in coming.

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We all know what happened when Mephisto made a bargain with Spider-Man...but what happens when he tries his luck with a certain furry blue elf?

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