Severed #1

Jan. 7th, 2019 12:32 am
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"When we set out to write this book, our goal was to conjure up the deep fright that you have as a kid, the kind that takes your breath away, makes your spine tingle... A primal fear. We thought of classic fairytales—the ones where you're lost in the woods, and something is out there that wants—no, needs—to devour you. And we thought... how could this be scarier? Well, what if it was rooted in reality? You'd be surprised by how many people over the years have scoured the country looking for children to consume... how many real Big Bad Wolves exist." -- Scott Snyder

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So, aside from the scene between Batman and the Batman Who Laughs, no one's really posted anything from the conclusion to Dark Knights Metal. So, on the off chance that anyone else hasn't read it, and is wondering about the new status quo for DC's cosmos, I've taken it upon myself to post the last third of this crossover event to get everybody on the same page.

We join our heroes in a sunken world, clad in armour of Element X, prepared for one last fulcum abominus. )


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