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[personal profile] espanolbot 's post about Martha Wayne's underrepresentation in Batman stories inspired me to post pages from Greg Rucka's and Klaus Jansen's 2003 miniseries Batman: Death and the Maidens.

Rucka's run on the regular Batman titles culminated with Batman realizing that he's still Bruce Wayne at his core, and that he should be nicer to his family for the x time.

When Rucka came back to write "Death and the Maidens" he simultaneously reinforced his previous points while attempting to plug one of Bruce's other persistent wells of angst and drama: the perpetual mourning over his parent's death.

And in doing so, he gave Martha one her most extensive roles in a Batman story that I can think of.

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From CBR Justice League 25 is the origin of Earth 3's Owlman and also, judging by the cover we might finally get an update of what's been going on with Nightwing...

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Previously in Streets of Gotham (sorry for the gap, I moved house and only just got my scanner set up)...

Martha Kane's dad was bankrupted by a gangster, Judson Pierce, who now wants to shut down the clinic that Martha and her friend Leslie Thompkins work, so that he and make a mint by knocking it down as part of his plot to gentrify that area of Gotham.
Previous scans here,

Triggerwarning for sexism and child abuse.

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Up next, Batman: Noir!
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After the nonstop epic of the previous comic strips, we get a fresh start with the introduction of Dick Grayson in this continuity.

I have pretty much no commentary nor insights to offer here, as it's the one story in which I have the least interest, but I'm posting it here both for the sake of completeness and for the Dick fans. It's a standalone story with no references to the previous arcs, as will be the next part. After that, the grand finale with the Mad Hatter in Arkham.

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These days I don't often make a comics score at thrift stores - if I do find any they're marked according to Overstreet - but I did come up with a 12-page "special collector's edition" issue of Batman done in partnership with Kemco and inserted with the "Batman: Dark Tomorrow" game. It has lots of villains - Poison Ivy, Ventriloquist and Scarface, Killer Croc - visits with both Gordons, and guess what? Batman's 1878597879876724th Crime Alley Flashback. Two pages of 12.

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Shortpacked! style!

Two images from the Shortpacked! webcomic under the cut. One giving Batman exactly what he wants, and the other pondering ever-shifting timelines and what it means for the night his PARENTS BECAME DEAD.

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A recent post sparked some comments on the role of good and bad parents in the bat mythos, and how Thomas and Martha Wayne are almost always shown as damn near perfect. I thought I'd post a few scans from Batman 430 (an issue about a rooftop sniper about to go on a killing-spree) which contains a flashback to Bruce's childhood and casts the Waynes in a different light.

seven pages from Batman 430 )

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