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So...  A friend linked me to Bleeding Cool and an article about DC and female comic book writers.  It also includes Zatanna's new costume.

I just face palmed through my hand and onto the floor.

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Also, has anybody read any of "The Straw Men"?  I'd like opinions. :)
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I try not to post the last page of books, but this time I can't resist. We'll get there, though.

World of Flashpoint is ostensibly a Traci 13 story, but really it's just an excuse to show characters that don't get their own Flashpoint story so you can see what they're doing in this don't-call-it-an-Elseworld.

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Yes, I've been mostly away awhile. Been busy. Meh. Anyway. This annoyed me, and you may or may not agree.


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