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Apparently the phrase 'Dark Trinity' is less confrontational and more contemplative, as in 'three people making a life beyond the shadow of their betters'. Better save that "Trinity fights Dark Trinity" plot at run's end, creative team.
Plus, what's Jason's reaction to Tim's death? Check it!
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DCUBlog released a few variant covers of upcoming issues a few days ago.

I thought s_d might enjoy this variant for Wonder Woman 608.

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Holiday posts continue with one of my favorites and yours, Diana of Themyscira!
there was also a golden age story she was in, but i don't have it. should really track down that Christmas TPB one of these days (think my LCS might even have it!)

Stories from Christmas With the Super-Heroes #2 and DCU Holiday Bash #3 )

Tomorrow: They say suicides are never higher than during the holiday season. See how Lois and Clark do their part to keep those percentages down!
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Small foreword before starting the post itself. I originally intended to this post back in the Martial Arts week a few weeks back, but then I was snared by the simple awesomeness of Batman: Arkham Asylum, after which I had to return to work with my vacation having ended. So this post kind of simmered away, but I still kind of wanted to do it due to several discussions I have had and read on the subject, so here it is finally happening. With that said, to the first part of the topic itself.

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.... Because I'm reasonably sure that Artemis doesn't have one. She's an erratic sort of character even on her best days. But this little exchange is pretty close, I think.

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Here we go with part two of my Nu'bia rundown, dealing with her infinitely superior post-Crisis incarnation. Free of tokenism, overt sexism, and laughably bad writing, and with an added apostrophe in her spelling to ever-so-slightly dissociate herself from being named for a piece of Egyptian geography (which seems odd to me, since Nubia is a reasonably common real-world name, but presumably Doselle Young knows what he's doing better than I), she was reinvented and reestablished as a character with an actual distinct hook and reason to exist, and a pretty cool one at that.

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But I will...

So, Artemis is dead. But, since she was so popular, DC gave her a miniseries all about her coming back to life and kicking ass. Hey, that sounds nice. And William Messner-Loebs was writing it, he has some talent. What could go wrong?

Oh, right, THE NINETIES. )
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Time for another author switch! We've left WML behind with the 100-issue spectacular and the death of Artemis, and now Diana's out of the stupid black straptastic bra and out of Boston, and into the hands of John Byrne.

Byrne's run is... hard to pin down. The man wrote with an agenda; there were things he wanted to fix and things he wanted to change and that's what he did. And a lot of those things were good. He repaired most of the damage WML did toward the end of his run, both to Diana and, to some degree, to Polly. He built an actual Wonder Family out of Donna and Cassie and Artemis. He made a point of making Diana unique and ridiculously first-tier badass, firmly establishing how high she belonged in the DCU power hierarchy.

Diana really attracts a lot of writers who do their own art, doesn't she? )

Next time: Diana teams up with Zauriel, has a romance with a guy who, miracle of miracles, is actually worth her time, and saves all of creation. And the art is wicked cool.


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