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 Oddly, Madonna's "Til Death Do Us Part" played on my iPod earlier (yes im old fashioned don't judge me) and it sort of influenced this post.

From Wonder Woman #7

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"While Diana is utterly devoted her people and is well loved in return, she feels set apart from them for many reasons (some of which are mentioned in the previous question). She is the only child of an immortal, and the only one born outside of the 10 year mark, so she doesn’t quite belong to other age groups. She’s also a Princess with more responsibilities, which makes her far too dutiful instead of carefree like other girls. Her mother is going through her own difficulties as a parent, making her cold and dictating at times, which confuses Diana and lends to a feeling of pressure and isolation. One of Diana’s biggest conflicts growing up (in fact, one which follows her throughout the entire series) is finding a way to not let her overwhelming sense of duty completely overtake the person within, and how to balance her wishes with what she knows she must do." - Renae De Liz

Writer & Artist: Renae De Liz

7 2/3 out of 23 pages

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Head Writer: Paul Dini
Writer for #45: Jimmy Palmoitti & Justin Gray
Writers for #44: Adam Beechman
Artist for #45: Jim Calafiore
Artist for #44: Carlos Magno
Inkers for #45: Mark McKenna
Inker for #44: Jay Leisten
Colorist for #45: Tom Chu
Colorist for #44: Rod Reis
Senior Editor: Mike Marts
Associate Editor: Jeannie Schaefer

Hey, it's been a while since we looked at Countdown...let's get back to it now that I'm out of Austen's Action Comics' issues.

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"In my mind Diana has no father, and so Zeus is not involved here, and the series is out of the current continuity. Hippolyta, as an Immortal, struggles with Diana’s mortality and parenting conflicts ensue, but there are influences other than her mother for the Amazon Princess." - Renae De Liz

Writer & Artist: Renae De Liz

7 out of 23 pages

For people missing a good Wonder Woman series, let's spotlight briefly Wondy's current digital series.

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IGN Comics: Are there any plans for you to write Wonder Woman down the road?

Pfeifer: It'd be interesting. I might actually be doing an issue or two that sort of ties in with Amazons Attack. I'm not quite sure when they'll be scheduled, but there have been some talks. These series are so tightly tied that maybe I'll take a crack at it. I'm not sure how that affects Jodi's schedule. I'm certainly not replacing her on the book, but there's been some talk of maybe me doing an issue or two. That'd be fun. It's certainly a high profile book, and a DC book that has been appearing since the early forties. It's always fun to take on those iconic characters.

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Pete Woods
Colorist: Brent Anderson

7 1/3 pages out of 22

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"Can someone please tell me what emotion Batman is expressing with that line? Confusion? Irony? Sadness? Anger? Acceptance? Disgust? Surprise? Anticipation? Contempt? Awe? Disappointment? Shame? Sympathy? Rage?! Oh, wait, that's me. Agony? Frustration? Apathy? It's apathy, isn't it? (Sighs) OK, you don't care, Batman, so we don't either." - Linkara

Writer: Will Pfeifer
Artist: Pete Woods
Colorist: Brad Anderson

7 1/2 pages of 23

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Writer: Jodi Picoult
Artist: Paco Diaz
Colorist: Alex Sinclair

According to sources, the next part of Amazons Attack is another tie-in: Wonder Woman #10. Let's take a look at a few selected scenes.

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