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"Midnighter and Apollo is the book we need right now. Comics’ most iconic queer couple face down a new enemy and show us that we can never give in to fear, hatred, and evil—and they do it with their own brand of action-movie wit and punching." -- Steve Orlando

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"I love that they are the action movie heroes that function on Id and act in ways that we often wish we could. There is a catharsis to them for people who want to strike back against oppression and strike back against hate and fear. They’re icons for that because they don’t suffer fools and they look fear and hatred and oppression and death and evil in the eye and they tell it to move." -- Steve Orlando

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"The world’s finest couple is back, and more devoted than ever before is what I’m saying. To themselves, and to kicking ass in the name of the wronged." -- Steve Orlando

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With Marvel going nuts with their All-New Marvel Now 2: Super Size Me Edition, DC Comics in the meantime decided to announce something a bit more low key, but still something popular.

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I realise that I have been a little heterocentric in my posts for Valentines Day, which is fair enough, since the characters I tend to follow are heterosexual... (though I'm slightly hesitant to call Cypher entirely straight given his indeterminate relationship with a shapeshifting alien for whom gender isn't really clear cut)

At any rate, when I think of gay couples, my mind goes to a couple of examples; Renee Montoya and Kate Kane for one, and another is Apollo and Midnighter.

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If you're like me, and have spent the last year hoping to see at least a GLIMPSE of the old Authority in the new Stromwatch (that I'm not dropping only because I, for once in my life, want to be there when a couple I've always been rooting for gets together), I have great news for you! The new I, Vampire delivers Stormwatch team I WANT to read - snarky, violent and having fun. I hope the artistic team behind this book, author and artist, get to do Stormwatch one day.

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Frist of all, I liked this issue. Awe, shock, horror; I know!
Second of all, they finally decided to explain Midnighter's chinspike and the story goes like this:

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I couldn't wait for this issue and when it finally arrived, all I can say is "what? That's iiiiiiiiiiit?!" Not that there isn't plenty happening - there is - but I just want more and when do I want it? NOW!

Meanwhile, feast your eyes on someone kicking some unexpected asses.

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So, following all the hullabaloo about the next Archie wedding issue, the Precious Curmudeon posted what they think would be a far better alternative...


Never gets old...
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OK, I'm very late to the party, but I feel utterly justified in posting this (and making it so big) because, unless I'm mistaken, no one has posted any Authority bits yet. My opinion of Warren Ellis' work, particularly some of his later stuff, is mixed, but I think that his original Authority run with Bryan Hitch has him at the top of his game, and each of the three arcs has a Perfect Moment. (Big images follow. Apologies in advance for poor image quality and/or any fubars; first time posting this sort of thing to IJ.)

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