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Jenny Sparks was the "Spirit of the 20th Century," had electricity-based superpowers, and lived quite an exciting life in the Wildstorm Universe.

Some time ago, I commented that Jenny Sparks once considered letting the world end if Ronald Reagan got the Republican nomination for president. And here's that moment from JENNY SPARKS: THE SECRET HISTORY OF THE AUTHORITY. It's written by Mark Millar in 2000.

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In an earlier post, I showed two pages that homage the first page of WATCHMEN. Here are the rest of one of them, STORMWATCH #44. Jenny Sparks (the Spirit of the 20th Century) is talking about her life to either Jackson King or Malcolm King (don't know which one, sorry) about her life.

The "evil of the Thatcher government" is almost an entire character in 1980s British comics. Of course, was it really "Thatcher-ites" who were evil, or just the people who took advantage during that time period?

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Two WATCHMEN references after the cut. One in RADIOACTIVE MAN #5 is obviously a funny parody. The other IN STORMWATCH #44 is by Warren Ellis, so I'm not sure if it's a satire or an homage.

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