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So Keith Giffen's invisible series Threshold limps to a close this week with even less fanfare than the title itself ever got, which was slim to none. The issue dispatches the fates of the Hunted, a bunch of characters never really heard of before and unlikely ever to be heard from again, not even the "dark and gritty" update of Captain Carrot. But happening in the background is one little development of note. Two pages.

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And thus another of the DCnU's big, dramatic plot twists peters out, like letting the helium out of a balloon. The $64 question is, where will this beloved character fetch up next? Someplace better, I hope. JLA, perhaps?
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Returns to the cosmic side of superheroics (some people forget that he spearheaded Marvel's Annihilation before going exclusive with DC), returns to Jaime Reyes.

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Newsarama has the wordless preview.

And we make get the next Sabretooth/Wolverine like rivalry. Or maybe the pic behind the cut could qualify for "context is for the weak."

I can't tell.

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Greetings True Believers!

Fear Itself continues to rage and the young cadets find themselves in the thick of it.

In my last post about Mettle, he had to realize the cold, hard facts of war. Now it is Veil's turn.

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Greetings True Believers!

Here is a scene from Avengers Academy #15. It's a good addition to the off and on "Should heroes kill?" debate.

The Avengers kids 'port into Washington and enter the fray.


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In an earlier post, I showed two pages that homage the first page of WATCHMEN. Here are the rest of one of them, STORMWATCH #44. Jenny Sparks (the Spirit of the 20th Century) is talking about her life to either Jackson King or Malcolm King (don't know which one, sorry) about her life.

The "evil of the Thatcher government" is almost an entire character in 1980s British comics. Of course, was it really "Thatcher-ites" who were evil, or just the people who took advantage during that time period?

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