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Every week, comixology delivers my pull list straight to my inbox, and every week I have a look through the new releases to see if I've missed anything interesting. It's how I found She Could Fly and Euthanauts. They both had striking covers, as does Self Made #1*

Introducing a new creative team everyone will be talking about—superstar talent writer MAT GROOM and artist EDUARDO FERIGATO. When chaos besieges the kingdom of Arcadia, warrior Amala Citlali sees it as her chance to escape her clearly-defined role—and to change her destiny. But she could never have predicted that it would also be her chance to confront her God. In his debut editorial role, comics veteran KYLE HIGGINS guides this intimate, worlds-spanning story of self-discovery.
English Age Rating: 15+

The pitch doesn't grab me, but I'll give a lot of Image #1s a go. I trialled The Freeze as well this week, but that wasn't as good, and I won't be picking up #2.

Self Made confused me a bit at first as the flashbacks aren't as visually distinct as I would like, but I soon got into it, and a 2nd reading made more sense.

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'I've been part of events at other companies where they just get a bit unwieldy because there are so many issues, and so many writers and they're trying to square so many different voices that often you pick up the issue ... I do, and you're like, "What is this? How did this ... How did this fit?" But that wasn't the case here.' - Kyle Higgins

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"[Editor] Dafna [Pleban] and I were talking about this as New Frontier for Power Rangers. It just made us smile thinking about it." - Kyle Higgins

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