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"Well, the idea for the book is that the hero of the story, Jared, is this incredibly pretentious comics fan who, you know, I’m sure a lot of readers can relate to because he’s incredibly passionate about comics, but he’s also overly critical of them, and he’s super discerning about what he reads. So he finds out that there’s an issue of a comic that he has from his childhood that is very rare and he can eBay it for a bunch of money. The comic itself is one of those superhero comics from the 90’s, like very, very 90s, and he goes to his house that he grew up in to find it, to sell it, and Killstrike, the lead character of the comic, comes to life and they embark on this buddy comedy trip together to find Jared’s absentee father. The whole thing is kinda based on the dynamic of this guy who looks down so much on this era of comics, as so many of us do, versus this character, who’s a classically 90s stereotype comic hero come to life. It’s kinda the opposite ends of the spectrum because Jared’s ashamed to be seen with Killstrike, he’s ashamed that he ever read the comic. And Killstrike’s just, you know, a total character. He’s a huge hulking behemoth guy with face tattoos, and pouches, and knives and is very single minded. And now, Jared’s kinda gotta teach him to exist in modern society. It’s a very classic buddy/fish out of water thing. A lot of it is a sort of a love letter to my own experience being a comic reader and my own relationship with the comics I grew up reading."

- Max Bemis

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In the new FIREFLY series, a character is saying that Mal and Zoe are war criminals. But that can't be true... right?

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It was the Power Morphicon Convention this weekend, and as might be expected there was a deal of material from Boom Studios, especially as the fallout from Shattered Grid is now being revealed

Incidentally, it is almost exactly 25 years since the first episode of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, Day of the Dumpster, and there's an anniversary episode coming next week on the actual anniversary.

Oh, and there are a couple of flashing gifs under the cut, just in case that's a an issue for anyone.

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