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I've got something of a soft spot for Power Rangers, and Sentai in general. Sometimes it's for some looney-tunes idead well executed, sometimes it's just for the pretty people... I can be flexible.

But consider it from the Power Rangers point of view

Go, Go Power Rangers #2 )
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"I really love to fuck with genre. With Sisters of Sorrow we’ve created what presumably just looks like high camp and kickass action, but right below the surface, we reveal three-dimensional women, struggling with real-life abuse and the scars of deep emotional pain. At its core, weaved in and out of the action-packed narrative and amazing artwork, Sisters of Sorrow is about abused women empowering themselves. We actually get to tell stories that matter. Like with Sons of Anarchy, it might be the flash of guns and leather that entice you to show up, but it’s the characters and their struggle that keeps you coming back."

- Kurt Sutter

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He'd discovered that one was alive when he'd gone to lay both his fathers to rest.

He'd learnt how they'd come together and gone apart, and why he'd grown up in foster care.

Now, with the help of one of the most dangerous men on the world of Ektae, he was riding to confront a man who was even more so- his father, C. Jdorn Bakolier.

The confrontation began with the footsoldiers, two armies blasting away at each other.

Then Jordan called Bakolier out.

Bakolier answered him.

They looked each other in the eye- and leapt.

Jordan shattered Bakolier's armor with the first blow. )
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In doing so, he learned that his father from Ektae- the realm that, every seven years for one week, linked up with Earth- was still alive.

Standing on the shores of Tarn Smithseat on Ektae, he knew that he wanted answers.

So he went to his surrogate mother, who told him the story of how his dads'd met about thirty-five years ago.

It happened when they were both on Earth. )
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His father's from Earth. His father's from Ektae.

He got a package from his Earth dad on the first day of the every-seven-years week the two worlds merged.

It told him why he'd never known either of his parents by anything other than repute, and then asked him to do something- take their ashes to the place on Ektae they'd first met, and scatter them.

So he illegally crossed the opening between the worlds and got caught by the authorities on the other side.

He used his one phone call to call one of Ektae's hardest criminals- someone he'd punched in the face once.

Some bad men came and picked him up. When he found out he wasn't going to get to meet the man he wanted to in person, he crashed their car and walked away from the wreckage.

He made his way to a bar, where he had a drink.

Then he looked around. )

UFOlogy #1

Oct. 4th, 2016 12:18 am
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"For a cinematic feel, the thing that Noah and I leaned on very much is sort of that classic Amblin feel, small town America, growing up and being in the midst of the big unknown. That is something we really wanted to get across here."

- James Tynion IV

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