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The current twice monthly scheduling of Nightwing is good news for those of us who like more Dick in our lives, but can make the deciding of when to make posts a little tricky, but I'm working on it.

The latest arc has Dick moving away from Gotham, to somewhere both familiar and different, on multiple levels.

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"This is the dawn of...Avenger Five! Wait, aren't we missing a number? Where's Avenger Two? What is Avenger Two? Why does nobody talk about it? Could it herald an even bigger battle than Standoff?" -- Al Ewing

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"He's also used to a certain degree of soap-opera in his superheroics, so he's able to stay cool under emotional pressure, too. If you think about it, the X-Men have had it far, far worse than the Avengers for most of Marvel's timeline - (for more on this, listen to the fab Rachel & Miles X-Plain The X-Men podcast, which I heartily recommend you do) - so Roberto is used to operating under pressures someone like Steve Rogers can't really imagine. And he's learned to do it with flair." -- Al Ewing

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"I'm actually really happy with the modular nature of the NEW AVENGERS/AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover. You can buy one half - and get a full, three-dimensional story. Or -- buy BOTH... for FOUR-DIMENSIONAL VISION! And why stop there? Plug the whole thing into STANDOFF! It's ACTION ALL THE WAY DOWN, TRUE BELIEVER!" - Al Ewing

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It was going out the same way it'd come in.

The Warriors were confronting the High Evolutionary and his plan to kill everyone on Earth who wasn't flatscan human. They beat his Evolutionaries and subdued him.

Then Earth's own Eternals BOOM'd into the story.

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What it wasn't was one immediately so.

When Archaia's take on Cyborg 009 opened, he didn't look like who he was.

He sounded like it when he was talking up the latest type of weapon he planned to sell, though.

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"They're very much on opposite sides of the spectrum of plausibility and ways of doing Batman pretty much — one's super grim and the other is the opposite." -- Grant Morrison

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Kaine is Peter Parker's cranky little clone brother, who got stuck with the name Scarlet Spider and now stuck with a bunch of teenagers. WOE IS HE.


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.. well, you do now.

It's the one where there's folks who've been unwillingly cyborgized and they're fighting against the Nazi-like super-terrorists that did unto them. It isn't the one, however, no doubt just crossing your mind as this sentence ends.

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...according to current DC lore, it's the birthday of Dick Grayson! ("Robin" being his mothers pet name for him, since he arrived on the first day of Spring.... That makes more sense when you're American, as your robins are associated with Spring, whereas in Europe they're associated with Christmas and winter.

But first, a word from our stalker... SPONSOR

So with that recommendation... here is a summation of Dick's pre-Crisis origin as shown in the first attempt to summarise a complete history of Batman and his cast - "The Untold Legend of the Batman" from 1980, in this case issue 2 (Five pages from a 21 page story)

Jim Aparo beneath... and that's a GOOD thing )

Some other fols take on m'boy... )

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