Mar. 31st, 2017

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"I fault creators who do this, on all levels — comics and TV and the whole thing — if you want to write adults: fine. Go write adults. If you want to write adult Peter Parker, it’s great. There’s this whole other level to him, he doesn’t always need to be in high school. There’s loads of things he can contribute as a college student, as an adult. It’s all super interesting. But they keep him in high school, and they just don’t write him like a high schooler and that’s frustrating. And teenagers, they’re so weird. They’re so bizarre. And why are you missing this wonderful opportunity to make him [someone] who’s sometimes overly self-conscious, sometimes has no, uh, what’s it called? No… filter! And just this weird ricocheting of emotions always at full blast all the time." - Hannah Blumenreich

This is from an eight-page short story in the recent oversized Amazing Spider-Man #25. Writing and pencils both by Hannah Blumenreich.

Edit: Oops, we're already at the page limit for this issue. I'll re-post when the next issue's out.
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"Here’s the thing. A lot of fantasy stories, especially in our post-Tolkien world, feel the need to bombard us with intricate histories, Machiavellian politics, copious family trees, cultural ontologies, blah blah blah. It’s as if they’re faintly embarrassed by their own unrealness, and need to overcompensate with a bunch of very grown-up detail.

"For me, The Dark Crystal is the purest expression of imagination-led fantasy. It doesn’t care about being a grown-up. It cares about extraordinary places and wondrous creatures. It cares about love and learning and doing the right thing. It cares about trees with tentacles, rocks that sing, girls made of fire and gemstone bats."

"The primary joy, in fantasies like this, is to leave your earthly adulthood at the door and go on an adventure somewhere beyond your dreams. That’s a note I’m determined to strike with this comic."
-- Si Spurrier

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The issue began with Antonius Axia's life nearly ending.

Dispatched from Rome to investigate the goings-on up north, he who'd earned the name Detectioner was almost at the truth of things.

He'd been turning them over in his mind, in his tent, when the woman Bodmall came to him.

They embraced, her hands on his back.

Then her hands changed, against her will, and went for his neck.

He held her off with his sword. )
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There's a Marvel retailer summit going on and IcV2 has done some reporting on what has been going on. Apparently... the higher ups are talking and it's picking up steam as something not so good. Let's take a look!

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