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The apparent god overpowered the definite mortal.

Antonius' son, whom he'd come to save, knelt by his side.

" Avitus, I have not been th-he best of fathers, but know that- ugh- I've always loved you. "

" B-but.. f-father.. you told me.. you d-do not believe in the gods.

" So how can they kill you? "

Thoughts flashed in the mind of the Detectioner of Rome. He staggered to his feet.

" My son is right. " he told the approaching Apollo. " I do not believe in the gods. "

He dodged the swing of the sword the seeming god held.

" So how can you kill me?! "

Apollo readied his sword arm again. )
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One of them's a monster, Rex-O.

The other's a man, the Scavenger.

Last month's issue #2 ended on the latter.

The focus on him wasn't an introduction- #1'd already done that.

It was an elaboration.

The narrative stepped into his life at night. )
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He and the gladiator Achillia stood back-to-back, surrounded by some of the finest soldiers in the Roman army.

Above them, the emperor Nero (who'd called for their deaths) watched.

Achillia and Antonius fought, striking and being struck.

Then Antonius turned around. )
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It's the first of four issues.

Written by Eric Heisserer (who wrote the screenplay for last year's Arrival) and drawn by Raúl Allén, it's the establishment of the premise and introduction of the cast.

It's done by focusing each panel on the actions of a single character (or group of characters).

The " sets ", the environments of the scenes, have plenty of open space- the characters particularly stand out, even when they're not in the foreground.

There're no background characters- anyone who's in a panel's playing an obvious role in its events.

These things effectively tell the story of its protagonists and antagonist, who's the sort that's a monster.

He's the kind that keeps on coming. )
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He'd gone to the arena with his slave Bran.

He'd found a lead in his investigations, a gladiator's memento.

He watched the gladiator in question, Achillia, win another of her matches.

He went down to confront her. )
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It's a four-issue mini, a sequel to Valiant's previous Britannia.

It opened some time before that'd ended, on a house in Rome.

A man drinking wine called for one of his slaves. She came, bearing a jug.

He and his friend smiled eagerly. )
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The issue began with Antonius Axia's life nearly ending.

Dispatched from Rome to investigate the goings-on up north, he who'd earned the name Detectioner was almost at the truth of things.

He'd been turning them over in his mind, in his tent, when the woman Bodmall came to him.

They embraced, her hands on his back.

Then her hands changed, against her will, and went for his neck.

He held her off with his sword. )
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Antonius Axia was remembering his service as a centurion.

His memories awoke his instincts; he blocked the sword raised against him with his own.

His attacker headbutted him and tried another swing.

" .. it's been years since I was a legionnaire. " thought Antonius.

" But that thing with time still happens. "

He watched the blade drawn back. )
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The Roman Antonius Axia, tasked by the Emperor Nero to investigate goings on in that place, was in the thick of them.

A monstrosity loomed before him on a field of gore.

Then it resolved into a more pleasing shape- the beckoning spirit of his dead wife.

It was still what it was, though. )
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It's written by Peter Milligan and drawn by Juan José Ryp.

It opens in Etrusca, on the chief of the Vestal Virgins and a centurion of the Italian First Legion.

She, Rubria, had a task for him, Antonius Axia- rescue one of hers from a local cult.

She put it to him unofficially, because it wouldn't do to lose face by asking for official help.

He took three legionnaires to face the cult.

There was the shedding of blood, and then him and the one he'd gone to save.

There was red and green. )
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"Russia takes over the world, in a sentence! The true twist here is that no one is even aware that this isn’t how the world should be. That’s how far reality has been bent. No one even realizes that Russia hasn’t always ruled the Earth. Well, no one realizes except two people."

- Matt Kindt

Read more... )
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"America is a scary place — and I say that as one of your neighbors from the north who is equal parts terrified, appalled and saddened on a daily basis by something new going on, not the least of which is the rise of Trump. So, yes there is social commentary here.

I became compelled by the idea of these heroes being forced to face this mass violence, but not being able to use violence themselves to stop it. Trying to find some other way to help and stop the madness without resorting to more violence themselves."

- Jeff Lemire

Read more... )
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S_D needs a lot more scans of the current incarnation of Valiant Comics. Because they're doing their best to bring back every character from the original company, Valiant Entertainment does have some representation issues when it comes to women and minority heroes. The old Valiant was rather lily-white after all.

Valiant is continually adding and promoting female superheroes with comics like Doctor Mirage, Punk Mambo, and the team book Unity and its permanent member Livewire.

Two scans from Unity #1, four from Unity #2, two from Unity #3 and two from Unity #4, all by Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite. This is all collected in "Unity: To Kill A King", which is a great trade and a workable starting point for the entire Valiant line.

Warning: Scenes from 'Deathmate' lie beyond this cut )
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Hi folks!

Video game comics are a mixed bag. Some of them have been quite dreadful, others adequate, and then there's the best runs of the Archie Sonic title, which have been amazing.

This one is more towards the bottom of the scale, Super Mario Bros. #5.

I'll be presenting three pages each from two ten-page stories.

I don't think this is one of the Valiant titles the fans want to have relaunched. )

If you're new to Scans Daily, please review the language policy before commenting, as we're pretty strict on ableist pejoratives.

Next time, a morality tale from the public domain!

Your thoughts and comments?
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I now have a Imageshack account, but that's not important, what is Important is the comic I scan next! Magnus returns this time it's personal! Okay while not as classic as Steel Nation the next arc is just as good. This Arc Introduces another Character who becomes one of what I like to call one of Major connections between the two the Time Zones, RAI! Rai will be introduced into the main post but For now let's GET THIS SHOW ON THE ROAD!
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There are many reasons why I only showed the end to Alpha and Omega mostly because I did not to run up the page limit and also because the first 12 issues of Solar are important to the overall Story of the Valiant Universe. So the next part let's focus on the other important establishing book Magnus Robot Fighter! Magnus was nothing like I was expecting, if I have to compare it to something it's like the New Doctor Who, more contemporary but also a continuation of the Old Series, this tends to be a strong contrast to Solar which is a total revamp with a new lead. It also deconstructs it's older stories. Also it's opening story Steel Nation is one of Variant's Best works so let's read on!
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Valiant Comics, ah the 90's a time of gritty, gritty and Liefeld. During this time many a comic company has surfaced but one of the big ones, the one that somehow made it in top 3 or 4 was Valiant! Admittedly this post was inspired by the Latest Atop the Fourth Wall episode, and while I did not grow up in the 90's but I discovered a love of this really cool universe from my mom when She gave some Shadowman comics after a trip to Hawaii. I will be going over the titles, the history and some of the thing and why this company did some good work at least in the beginning. So let's start with the Creation of the Universe!

Okay This is Taken from Solar Zero Alpha and Omega, now this was published in a back up in Solar 1-10 but it's own story and forms the basis of the Universe, it's 69 pages story wise so here's the last Bit's from the comic itself, and to set up my posts here's the breakdown. I'm showing only the last pages.
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