Feb. 12th, 2019

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'We have never actually used the word “superhero” in Wild Cards. Our aces may have 'powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men,' but very few of them are the sort of professional heroes you come across in comics. They're ordinary men and women, flawed and human, who have been gifted with extraordinary abilities. The impact that those abilities have on their lives and on the world at large is the focus of our stories. You have to ask yourself, “How would my life change if tomorrow I woke up with a superpower? What would I do?” The answer to that, seventy years of comic books notwithstanding, is almost never, “I would dress myself in spandex and go out to fight crime.”' - George R.R. Martin

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like. Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat among yourselves.

In the US, a notional deal has been signed by both parties to prevent another Government shutdown, which gives POTUS $1.4 billion of his demanded $5.7 billion for his wretched wall. Whether he'll sign it, it perhaps another matter.

A BBC cameraman was assaulted by a Trump supporter (in MAGA hat no less) after one of his typical rabble rousing, media blaming rants about things which pretty much aren't true at a rally in Texas.

Russia is apparently going to attempt to disconnect from the internet briefly, as part of a test of it's cyber-defences

Speaking of removing oneself from reality, Prime Minister May is still... being May, telling her own party to "hold their nerve" as the continues to believe she can gain something better out of the EU... God alone knows what or how.

A village in Russia has declared a state of emergency due to repeated visits by polar bears

Historians have discovered evidence of Joan of Leeds, who in the early 14th century nun who was so desperate to escape her life in her convent that she faked her own death and left a dummy for them to bury, while she popped off to enjoy life elsewhere. Go Joan!!

Star Trek Discovery finally "explained" why the USS Enterprise doesn't have all the whizzy comms tech that other ships seen in this mostly contemperaneous series have. Basically, Captain Pike got so sick of them, he ordered they all be removed and a proper good old fashioned viewscreen be installed, plus he doesn't like holo-comms since he fells like it's talking to a ghost. We also briefly saw Number One again, a recast sole who was Majel Barrett's first contribution to the Trek franchise, the Enterprise's first officer (whose real name was never mentioned) in series pilot "The Cage".

I just realised at the weekend that I'd never gotten around to watching Season 2 of "Agent Carter" and from "It's the flamingo, isn't it?" I remembered how much I'd missed this series.

This week sees the inevitable inundation of highly marketable romantic type stuff for Valentines Day. A friendly reminder that, chances are, not everyone in your life enjoys that day (or "Cheap Chocolate Eve" as some of us call it), so please try not to make life harder for people who might not enjoy such things.

And we've had first sight of Will Smith as the Genie (and a proper look at Jafar) in the live action Aladdin. Reaction has been... "mixed" is perhaps the politest summary, though anyone following on from a fully animated Robin Williams performance is going to find it a tough gig.
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"Well, the idea for the book is that the hero of the story, Jared, is this incredibly pretentious comics fan who, you know, I’m sure a lot of readers can relate to because he’s incredibly passionate about comics, but he’s also overly critical of them, and he’s super discerning about what he reads. So he finds out that there’s an issue of a comic that he has from his childhood that is very rare and he can eBay it for a bunch of money. The comic itself is one of those superhero comics from the 90’s, like very, very 90s, and he goes to his house that he grew up in to find it, to sell it, and Killstrike, the lead character of the comic, comes to life and they embark on this buddy comedy trip together to find Jared’s absentee father. The whole thing is kinda based on the dynamic of this guy who looks down so much on this era of comics, as so many of us do, versus this character, who’s a classically 90s stereotype comic hero come to life. It’s kinda the opposite ends of the spectrum because Jared’s ashamed to be seen with Killstrike, he’s ashamed that he ever read the comic. And Killstrike’s just, you know, a total character. He’s a huge hulking behemoth guy with face tattoos, and pouches, and knives and is very single minded. And now, Jared’s kinda gotta teach him to exist in modern society. It’s a very classic buddy/fish out of water thing. A lot of it is a sort of a love letter to my own experience being a comic reader and my own relationship with the comics I grew up reading."

- Max Bemis

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The phrase " secret weapon " suggests something useful, concealed to maximize that use.

Secret Weapons was about characters who were concealed, but not because they were considered immediately valuable.

Their considered value wasn't inherent in what they could do, but what could be done with them.

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