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Stardust recruits an army, so he won't have to keep saving the United States of America. From Fantastic Comics #14.
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Possibly the most bizarre of all the Stardust comics.
The following story appeared in Big 3 #2, this was the only Golden Age appearance of Stardust outside of Fantastic Comics.
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So I was going through ComicBookPlus, trying to fin Stardust stories, when I came across this odd little story. From Fantastic Comics #6
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The Stardust story from Fantastic Comics #10.
I think this has the most deaths in a Stardust comic (so far anyway).
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In which the Mystery Woman of the Jungle faces off against the deranged anarcho-primitivist wannabe, Mark Lord (presumably no relation to Maxwell).

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"In early 2005, during my early research on Hanks, I contacted Will Eisner. Initially all he recollected was the Hanks drew "in the style of early Basil Wolverton". When pressed, Eisner recalled that Hanks was older than the majority of those in his ballpen who were mostly in their late teens, and that he did not hang around the studio much.

"There is one thing I do remember about him," Eisner told me, "He wrote, penciled, inked, and lettered his own work."
"Anything else?" I asked.
"And he got it in on time!" Eisner said.
"anything else?" I asked.
"Frankly nothing else really mattered," replied Eisner.

Paul Karasik, You Shall Die By Your Own Evil Creation!
Six pages from Fantastic Comics #3
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