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In this two-parter from Pep #18 and #19 (Aug-Sept 1941; public domain), our villain learns to change up her strategy a bit from merely seducing men and trying to give them the death-kiss. Does it work? Let's find out!

She's an unholy creature, I tell you! )
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Oh, ok, not vampires then!

A Not-Vampire Post with Atomic Robo and Narbonic )

Three pages from Atomic Robo Revenge of the Vampire Dimension #1, one animation from Shaenon K. Garrity/Narbonic/Bite Me
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This week saw the release of issue 2 of Dracula: The Company of Monsters, Boom! Studios' new ongoing about corporate bloodsuckers versus literal ones. Story by Kurt Busiek and Daryl Gregory, art by Scott Godlewski.

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So...imagine the French Revolution peppered with the world's least competent vampires.

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The whole story can be read here.

Suggested tags: medium: webcomic, genre: humor
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Back in the 1998 Generation X Annual, the Gen X kids came into conflict with the granddaddy of all vampires - Dracula. (Possibly because Dracula was pissed at Chamber for being a descendant of his old enemy, Apocalypse, but that's another story entirely.) Anyway, they didn't fare great - Chamber was plagued by nightmarish visions, Paige gets stalked in her underwear (just so you know it really is a Dracula story, presumably) and Jubilee, well, it wasn't her finest hour...

This might possibly prove to be relevant.

12 pages of 39 under the cut. )
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How cute is that Wally Wood art? With just a tweak and a nudge, he could swing from humor to science fiction to horror, and yet still have that instantly recognizable Woodness. This sample is from MAD# 3, February 1953. I love the trail of footsteps click-clicking behind Godiva like footprints. Can you tell Wood worked with Will Eisner on THE SPIRIT? This might be better if they had played up the dialect more; maybe you can't tell from the way the characters are talking but this is supposed to be in England. (Script is by Harvey Kurtzman, natch.)

creator: harvey kurtzman, creator: wally wood
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70's Blade says...

...and yes 70's Blade did attend swinger parties (cause' it was London in the 70's)

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This was a Lilith post I wanted to put up for Horror week but My scanner went down. Then the issue got buried under leather and I found it again this morning.

It's just never a good idea to knock up Dracula's daughter!

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