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Among the most bizarre comic-book responses to sixties counterculture was the short-lived DC series Brother Power the Geek (created by Joe Simon), about a mannequin who miraculously comes to life and uses his super-strength to defend his hippie friends while avoiding capture by the Establishment. While this is most definitely not a pro-hippie comic (unlike Stan Lee, neither Simon nor his editors had much sympathy for the movement), it's so cracky I just had to share it.

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Especially so soon after losing Jerry Robinson comes the loss of another of the founders of the whole four colour superhero comic concept. Joe Simon, long time working partner of Jack Kirby, and co-creator of, amongst others, a little fellow by the name of Captain America.

Mark Evanier has a nice eulogy at his site

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This week--or rather, last week--at Mister Kitty's Stupid Comics, we see one of Hitler's many dastardly plans to destroy America. But unlike Nekron in Blackest Night, he goes for something much simpler and cost-effective than reviving superheroes: reviving the homeless.
Remember that hobo you shot last week? Here he is, back again!

Ah, the old days, when a cop could shoot an unarmed bum dead just for shouting. But as you see, Officer Friendly has a nasty surprise.
More here.
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As promised, in honour of his appearance in next weeks Brave and the Bold, the first of a sort of two part history of Crazy Quilt, criminal, artist and general nutcase!


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