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Its third issue'd ended with the protagonists stung.

Antonius Axia, the Detectioner, realized that the titular objects of his search had to be stowed here.

Achillia, accompanying him, didn't see them - she just saw, and felt, what the locusts'd inflicted on her recede.

" It's magic! "

Antonius didn't concur. )
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It was burning around him.

Nearly overcome by the smoke, he was pulled to his feet by Achillia, who hadn't run in like him.

They ran outside.

The fire was being fought. )
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They'd been ordered by Emperor Nero to find three Roman legions' lost standards.

At the docks, they were met by Rubria, chief of the Vestal Virgins, who gave Antonius a message for her old friend Rachel.

Their ship set sail.

Antonius' thoughts on the way over were occupied by more than his disobeying of Nero's orders to seek the lost eagles in Germany.

They arrived in Alexandria, taking in the streets.

They met the Living Pharaoh, Ramesses Twelve, who preached the smiting of the Roman invaders.

The people hailed him. )
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Subtitled Lost Eagles of Rome, it opened on three Roman legions losing their standards in Germany.

The news incited the people of Rome to riot.

Emperor Nero sent for the Detectioner of Rome, Antonius Axia.

He came from a case. )
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The apparent god overpowered the definite mortal.

Antonius' son, whom he'd come to save, knelt by his side.

" Avitus, I have not been th-he best of fathers, but know that- ugh- I've always loved you. "

" B-but.. f-father.. you told me.. you d-do not believe in the gods.

" So how can they kill you? "

Thoughts flashed in the mind of the Detectioner of Rome. He staggered to his feet.

" My son is right. " he told the approaching Apollo. " I do not believe in the gods. "

He dodged the swing of the sword the seeming god held.

" So how can you kill me?! "

Apollo readied his sword arm again. )
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He and the gladiator Achillia stood back-to-back, surrounded by some of the finest soldiers in the Roman army.

Above them, the emperor Nero (who'd called for their deaths) watched.

Achillia and Antonius fought, striking and being struck.

Then Antonius turned around. )
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He'd gone to the arena with his slave Bran.

He'd found a lead in his investigations, a gladiator's memento.

He watched the gladiator in question, Achillia, win another of her matches.

He went down to confront her. )
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It's a four-issue mini, a sequel to Valiant's previous Britannia.

It opened some time before that'd ended, on a house in Rome.

A man drinking wine called for one of his slaves. She came, bearing a jug.

He and his friend smiled eagerly. )


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