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AMAZING HEROES: Is he still going to be the bastard black sheep of the Marvel Family? The angel helper? Still torpedoed by Nazis, and so on?

GRANT MORRISON: No. We've disposed of the incestuous Marvel Family thing. He still gets torpedoed, though. In more ways than one ... The first one's already being drawn by Duncan Fegredo. It was fun to do, as it was a different way of writing for me. I'd just read Ulysses, and I thought I'd do this stream of consciousness thing.

Obviously it's not Joyce, but you know ... we have our sad pretentions. The dark secret of Mister Keeper is revealed in #2. What I wanted to do was do a horror comic. I mean, everybody else in Britain has done one, so I thought it was about time I did one using all the occult I'm involved in. It's all really rather unpleasant. We wanted to do something with no moral values in it at all. He's a wonderful nihilistic character.

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