Sep. 1st, 2018

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At the heart of the exercise is a determination to preserve the ambiguity of what the Labyrinth actually is. The temptation with any fantasy is to gravitate towards endless detail–Maps! Encyclopediae! Histories!–which doesn’t suit the vibe of the Labyrinth AT ALL. On the other hand, if you take the less romantic view that the entirety of the movie takes place in the over-active imagination of a pubescent kid, it naturally restricts access to new tales. The trick is to preserve both of those extremes while finding wriggle room to do something new. -- Si Spurrier

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Featuring m'man Dick Grayson in action, as well as confirmation that a much-missed character from the pre Flashpoint DCU is present on Earth-16

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When it comes to working within these worlds, the trick is to tread the tightrope between adoring fanfic and bolshy iconoclasm. Not too similar, not too different. That’s especially true of Labyrinth, where part of the movie’s DNA -- part of what makes it unique and so fondly remembered -- is that it’s ambiguous as to whether any of it is really happening. It will come as no surprise to those who’ve read my work before that I have a huge soft spot for stories that care more about meaning than measurable truth. -- Si Spurrier

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"Anyone can make a dystopian sci-fi today because you don’t really need to particularly exert your imagination to come up with something like that. We’re hyper-saturated with it. We’re living it. But we’re also living in something much more complex at the same time–a world that’s teeming with potential and actualization of much more positive ideas and ideals. Totalitarianism thrives on keeping people down and destroying imaginations at a young age. If you lose your imagination, how will you build a better world? How can something be built if we can’t imagine it? I wanted to keep that in mind while creating The New World. Also, what does the idea of a new world even mean now for people in the new California where the story is set? It’s a loaded phrase, going all the way back to 1492."

- Ales Kot

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