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"As much as Carnage Born was the rebirth of Cletus Kasady, Cult of Carnage will give readers a larger look at our favorite serial killer's overarching plan. Big, BIG things are coming for Venom, folks, and it begins here, in Cult of Carnage! #GodIsComing!"  -- Donny Cates

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Michael Minetta, hitman and family man, was one of those.

His end came to him.

He was hung by the neck until he died, died, died; he went to hell, hell, hell.

There, he met the master of the place, who let him know where he was.

The devil regretted that he wouldn't be able to do to Michael what he wanted.

" .. unfortunately, the home office has other ideas. "

" .. home.. office?

The devil pointed up.

" Are you talking about.. heaven? You mean, you.. work for heaven? "

The devil crossed his arms. )
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It opened on the one to be hung at home.

It showed us his family life.

Then it used that to hint at his work life.

The contrast was very obvious. )
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Look what I found on Twitter!

It seems the Daredevil Netflix series will borrow a bit from DAREDEVIL: YELLOW, which has made its way into Daredevil continuity.

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