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I always knew this would be "our heroes are separated from the rebellion and on the run" part of the story, but after six issue of hell in HOPE DIES it felt like we'd be hitting the same depressing notes again and again. Then, visiting a mansion in Scotland, and looking at the sprawl of countryside I found myself thinking that what would challenge our heroes wouldn't be more in the dirt grind. It'd be a chance to be happy. -- Kieron Gillen

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"[Sam Wilson] is by far the most nervewracking assignment I've ever had, because I constantly worry I'm getting something wrong (and I'm sure I have). But it's been worth it." -- Nick Spencer

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'I will get flack for this but I think Sanders deserves more blame than he's getting. He went with some attacks that really hobbled her because they made her permanently unacceptable to some on the left, while also echoing the SAME claims as the right was making. Sanders gave a bipartisan credibility to the "corruption" thing that made it stick and made media fall in love with it even more. She was clearly badly hobbled coming out of that primary, and everyone kept pretending it was a good thing.' - Nick Spencer

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"When high profile civil rights leaders die, other leaders and politicians attend their memorials despite not being their closest friends. Likewise, many times the closest relatives and friends don't attend/speak at the public memorial, but instead focus on the funeral." - Nick Spencer

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"A thirty page special and a done in one espionage story. I’ve been hitting the big archetypes in my Star Wars work, and this is very much hitting another one." -- Kieron Gillen

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Mods inform me that the Teen Titans Annual's release this week means #24 is no longer current, and therefore a little more can be posted. There's not *that* much more of interest we haven't already put up, but there is this page and a quarter or so, with a special guest star cameo.

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He's always so much fun. And while the art in this ish did not rock my socks, yon guest star looks terrific!
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OK, so the Titans are bouncing randomly around the time stream as a result of Forever Evil. Most of #24 is snippets of those bounces; [personal profile] superfangirl1 posted 3 pages of Bart's bounce-forward here. I've got about an eighth of one pages and 7/8 of the next to, like the Dude's rug, really tie the whole thing together.

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Mods, a quick question w/r/t those pages I said above I wished I could post: Teen Titans Annual #2 comes out next week. With that release will this one no longer be considered "current" & subject to the 4-page limit? (the things that occur to you once the caffeine hits the bloodstream...)
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Suggested tags: char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, char: starfire/koriand'r, title: titans, creator: j.t. krul, creator: angel unzueta, creator: chris batista, creator: wayne faucher


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