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Post a joke from this year's comic, it's a massive offense. Show one from the 80s? All in good fun. Reagan as snake-man, clearly a joke. Mockingbird in a t-shirt that says feminist, comics are ruined. -- Nick Spencer

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I think that’s where a lot of the best events start; they stem from a writer’s belief that you need a bigger canvas to tell a story, rather than trying to retrofit or come up with an event in the room. This is very much just a natural extension of what we’ve been building from “Captain America: Sam Wilson,” to “Avengers: Standoff,” to “Captain America: Steve Rogers,” to this. -- Nick Spencer

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I have a soft spot for these kinds of stories. I like events. I like big stories. I like stories about the interconnected universe and that draw from as many different facets from the Marvel Universe as possible. I have faith that when these things are done right audiences really respond. -- Nick Spencer

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I am so fired up for this, people. Writing a Marvel event has been a dream of mine since the day I read the original SECRET WARS. -- Nick Spencer

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"One of the guys who got to preview the FCBD while we were on stage started screaming uncontrollably while reading it." - Nick Spencer

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"I've never done a book that's an action book like this, or a noir crime book. And that's something I really wanted to try. So there's that.
And for me, the challenge was trying to keep it really fast-paced. When issue #17 opens, my first issue, it really starts with a bang and moves really quickly from there." - Jeff Lemire

Writer: Jeff Lemire
Artist & Colorist: Andrea Sorrentino

7 of 22 pages

Warning: Violence

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