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"There are several editors at Marvel who are probably sick of me pitching them Namor books!" - Chip Zdarsky

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"I love Spider-Man.

I mean, I hope that's obvious. Sometimes as a writer you have to beat up your main character, put them through hell and back, but it's all in service of the story, right? It's because you love Spider-Man and you know what makes him "Spider-Man" is adversity. It's throwing everything at him and having Spidey come through the other side a little worse for wear but still fighting. Still caring."

-- Chip Zdarsky

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As a reader, I missed the FF. I also felt like there was a lot of unresolved feelings there between Ben and Johnny and from them toward their missing family. They needed some space to grieve and I wanted 2in1 to be the place for that, while giving them a reason to explore, to BE the Fantastic Four.
-- Chip Zdarksy AMA

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