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One of my all time favourite comic runs is that of the Ed Brubaker/Cameron Stewart/Darwyn Cooke period on Catwoman, and I thought that I'd share some.

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"I think I’ve said this before, that the central idea of the book is: there’s one thing to want to be part of a movement; you see it on facebook and twitter all the time. “Right, rock on. #WeAreRobin.” It’s one thing to do that and feel part of something, but it’s another to actually step up and do it, to go out and help people, and to make your city a better place.

And not every one of these characters is going to have that in him or her. There’s a very interesting to me possibility, to talk about what are heroics in general. Is that just putting on a domino mask and beating up bad guys? No, it’s a broader concept than that. I think that plays well into a book with lots of different kids from lots of different backgrounds and interests and skill sets and fears. From that point of view, it’s going to run the gamut a bit broader of what the concept of a hero in Gotham City is.
" - Lee Bermejo

Writer: Lee Bermejo
Artists: Jorge Corona & Khary Randolph
Breakdowns: Rob Haynes
Colorists: Trish Mulvihill & Emilio Lopez

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As I mentioned it in my Killer Croc post from a week or so ago, here's the issue that presents YET ANOTHER different version of the character. In addition to an exploration of Leslie Thompkin's beliefs and Helena interacting with Cass Cain for the first time.

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Previously in Streets of Gotham (sorry for the gap, I moved house and only just got my scanner set up)...

Martha Kane's dad was bankrupted by a gangster, Judson Pierce, who now wants to shut down the clinic that Martha and her friend Leslie Thompkins work, so that he and make a mint by knocking it down as part of his plot to gentrify that area of Gotham.
Previous scans here,

Triggerwarning for sexism and child abuse.

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Up next, Batman: Noir!
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I wasn't all that enthused for the new DC retroactive series, but the description for this one caught my eye.

Mike W. Barr did some wonderful work with Jason, and I hope this new comic will remind us that, once upon a time, Jason DID have some upbeat moments and he did have a good relationship with Bruce. Quite apart from my affection for the character, I think painting him as such an obvious bad seed right from the start makes Bruce look like a damn fool for not spotting that. I also prefer characters to be multi-faceted - it's not fun OR realistic to paint Jason as never having known a happy moment or a friendly relationship with anyone in the world ever...

4 pages from 'tec #574 that get it right )
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Spoiler fights Black Mask + Stephanie's death )

creator: bill willingham, creator: tom derenick, creator: kinsun, title: batman, title: robin, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: leslie thompkins, char: spoiler/robin/batgirl/steph brown, char: black mask/roman sionis
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I've saved a lot of random bits of Jason adventures in 'Tec Comics over the last couple of years and upon reviewing them, there are some interesting points and foreshadowing, so after #571 was put up, I thought I'd put these up as well. Some of them are on the crisis cusp (just before, just after) so be aware of that. Let's start with what Jason's cape was used most often for:

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The gist of it is, Alfred becomes sick with a virus. Precautions are taken and everything is done to make him better. This issue did a great job of convincing me Bruce is a human being. I could have posted the entire thing, because I really did love it. It also shows how big an effect Alfred has on those around him. I thoroughly recommend this one.

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Stephanie was killed. And forgotten. And all of that.

But, thanks to fan uproar, and Chuck Dixon, she eventually returned.

And thus, Steph defeated the two greatest foes any comic character ever had: Editorial death sentence, and Women in Refrigerators.

Truly, she is a heroine for the ages.

Kidding aside, I was lucky enough to be the one who chronicled Steph's return  on OSD. I recall many people telling me she wasn't going to come back, that DC was just screwing with us, that they couldn't wait until it was revealed to not really be her, so they could enjoy the Spoiler fans tears.


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